I'm drawn to shiny objects in the street. There's nothing more fun than recycling a lost coin of the realm into one's pocket.

I like parades, too. Strolling along the avenue directly involved in one or watching an enthused rendezvous of like-minded people promenading down the boulevard is my idea of an enjoyable activity.

I also like filling out online surveys. I relish the challenge of issues to be pondered, categorized and perhaps resolved. And the possibility of gaining for a moment the focused attention of an interested collector of opinions is downright agreeable.

But one thing about internet surveys strikes me as bizarre. And that's the "Are you a robot" question they all seem to ask these days. Apparently I fail the cybernetic/mammal classification test when my answer to the question is no. That negative response always generates a photograph divvied up by a pattern of squares accompanied by a requirement to check off all the alike parts of the divided picture.

How hard could that be? Well, difficult enough I usually flunk the task and, very often, more than once. I wonder what would happen if I answered yes to the robot question? Someone cautioned me I would be zapped by a vindictive bolt of electricity generated from deep inside my computer. I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm not willing to experience such a nerve-jangling encounter, either.

That said, The Friends of the Rio de Flag organization has a survey in which they encourage everyone to participate. Visit www.friendsoftheriodeflag.org to locate its link. You'll know you're there when you see a wonderful Tom Bean photograph. Scroll down to the Watershed Survey, press that button and, Hola!, the title of the survey "How do you Interact with the Rio de Flag?" will magically appear. Just be sure to answer no when the survey asks if you or your parents are robots.

If you would prefer a hard copy of the survey I will send you one if you e-mail ADILLLO@aol.com or call 928-714-0504 and leave your name, address and ZIP code. You can also attend the Friends of the Rio de Flag's annual potluck dinner on Thursday, Dec. 7,  at 6  p.m. at the Joe Montoya Community Center in Thrope Park. The survey will be available there, also. Just bring a friend and a favorite dish to share.

And please remember: Procrastination always has an expiration date. If you wish to have your ideas or suggestions for the possible enhancements of the Rio de Flag considered you must submit the answered survey by Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017.

Your participation in the survey also means your name will be automatically entered into a raffle. The winner gets to be adopted by an android couple living and occasionally plugged into wall sockets around.

Also, there's a new online survey about walking and biking in Flagstaff. Take the survey at https://www.peakdemocracy.com/5615 and the results will be included in the City of Flagstaff's Transportation Master Plan. This is your opportunity to tell those folks and fellow citizens what you think our city should or could be as a place to walk and bike.

Happy Festivus, everybody.