It's time once again for the annual Festivus For The Rest Of Us. By participating in some of the many unique seasonal events in our mountain town we don't have to depend on the intemperate use of alcohol or the spending of huge amounts of money to enjoy the holidays.

We've been promoting our version of Festivus since 2010 and every year we take part in different winter related activities. And in that same time frame we also include highly regarded traditional happenings, too.

For those who like to smile, laugh and the occasional guffaw mixed in with quiet chuckles and even a klutzy snort now and again, you're encouraged to become a part of the Festivus fun.

Our activities start at 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day with a walk to the Picture Canyon waterfall in an effort to ward off the results of excessive turkey day scarfing and ends at noon on January First at the Upper Lake Mary Boat Dock with a Polar Bear Plunge welcome of the new year.

Also during the six weeks of Festivus will be the Luminaries Walk in Coconino Estates, Christmas at the Peaks Art and Crafts Show, Downtown Winter Lights Parade, the Tuesday Good Dogs Morning, a night snowshoe event in Buffalo Park, Pretzel Appreciation Day, Mark Alexander's Contra Dance, The Winter Madcap/Hat Competition, "Its Elemental" Craft Show and other entertaining activities. If you would like to receive a Festivus timetable, contact me at 928 714 0504 or and a schedule will be sent to you

And to further the positive flow toward the coming season, my day was made when I was talked through befuddling changes in my internet connection by a patient AOL employee. I expected the worst, but, Eureka!, got the best. Thanks, Margaret, you're a very helpful person indeed.

Try this one on for size. The worst possible outcome for those who walk a lot is to come up lame. I feared my stepping out and about activities were about to end before I sought the guidance of an all-knowing shoe professional. He measured my feet (fancy that) and determined I was no longer a size 9 narrow but instead a size 10 wide. Becoming Corky The Clown may be in my future, but as of today I'm the owner of wider and lengthier feet plus a brand new pair of walking shoes.

And hats off to the Northland Prep Academy Girl's Soccer Team that completed a perfect 21-0 season by winning the Arizona State 2A Conference Championship a few weeks ago. You truly are the proven best.

To finish, tomorrow evening November 15 there will be a City of Flagstaff Walking, Biking and FUTS Summit at the Pine Forest Charter School, located at 2257 Cedar across from the East Flagstaff Library. This useful get-together starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m.

Don't miss a golden opportunity to have your say about sidewalk, bicycle and FUTS facilities in Flagstaff. Time to stop grumbling, folks, and make your ideas and suggestions known to the people who really can be of help. I hope to see you all there and during the Festivus celebration, too. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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