1967 Checking the gas lines

A Southern Union Gas worker checks the lines in Upper Greenlaw after a storm in 1967.

125 years ago

From 1892 – The permanent survey of the Santa Fe, Prescott & Pacific Railway from Ash Fork to Prescott has been finished and shows the distance to be a fraction less than 60 miles.

Wednesday afternoon about four o’clock it was discovered by Sheriff Francis that the jail was empty. The prisoners went out through the roof and not through the doorway. They had cut the steel roofing next to the chimney, making a hole large enough to get out. Then with a rope made by tearing a mattress into pieces, which they fastened to the chimney, they reached the ground and went into hiding. All the parties are considered hard characters and it is doubtful if they can be recaptured without serious trouble.

George Bagnall, boot and shoe maker. Fine work a specialty. Repairing work neatly done. Boots made to fit the foot and cure your corns and bunions. The model of your foot is taken. Special attention given to the fitting of deformed feet. All kinds of boots and shoes made to order on short notice. A good stock of sole and upper leather on hand. Heel braces and shoe bindings for ranchmen kept in stock. Rubber patching.

Reports have been rife here during the past two weeks of the discovery of wonderful rich placer fields on the lower San Juan River. Like all new discoveries there is an aura of mysterious secrecy about it, which prevents an outsider from obtaining a true report of the discovery. The Sun correspondent who went there has not yet returned.

The workingmen of Jerome have organized an association known as the “Union Club” and hereafter will run their own saloon, sporting room and restaurant.

A trap shooting contest took place here last Saturday between a number of the crack shots of Northern Arizona for the Flagstaff Gold Medal. William McNeal won it with the only full 15-bird count, taking it from C. B. Sherwood, who won in the July 5th contest.

A large force of men is at work seven miles north of Prescott and the company expects to have the rail line in operation between Prescott and Ash Fork by Feb. 1.

100 Years Ago

From 1917 -- Florentino Pedrosa was convicted of murder in the first degree after a short deliberation by the jury in Superior Court Saturday afternoon. He shot and killed Francisco Avelar in February and for six months was a fugitive from justice. He was captured in Jerome in September and lodged in the County Jail. The only penalty prescribed by law for this crime is imprisonment for life.

Mrs. Porter wishes those having one-pound candy boxes to kindly bring them to the Red Cross work rooms on Tuesday. Either these or the Nabisco boxes will make fine cases for the goodies that are being packed that day for our Coconino County boys, so they may have a “sweet as well as a Merry Christmas.” Arrangements are being made so that 200 may be taken care of. Donations of money and edibles are being lavishly given. Every volunteer and drafted boy will be remembered.

It will take two weeks more to complete the new roof of the Santa Fe oil tank, according to John Powell, who is superintending the work.

Ralph Davis has resigned his position as clerk at the Hotel Weatherford and left Tuesday for Phoenix to take the examination for the Ordnance Division of the U.S. War Department.

G. H. Perry and family moved into town from their ranch near Mormon Lake. They report raising a fine crop of potatoes and peas on their homestead this year, having almost an acre of the latter crop planted. Mr. Perry and son are good musicians and have joined Flagstaff’s newly reorganized band.

A sugar ration of 3 pounds for each person a month, a pork-less day and one wheat-less meal a day will be recommended to householders in a new schedule card soon to be put out by the food administration. The normal amount used is 7 pounds per person each month. The new cards will also caution against the hoarding of foodstuffs in homes, pointing out that it is selfish and contributes to the rise in prices while defeating the purpose of seeking for equitable distribution.

Dec. 18 has been set as “Potato Day” for Coconino County and a meeting will be held in the Flagstaff City Hall for the farmers and all those interesting in agriculture in this county.

Judge Perkins stated to those in attendance that Coconino County is badly in need of an addition to the Court House or an entirely new structure. It was impossible for the bailiffs to secure hotel accommodation for the jury. This necessitated their remaining in the court during the night. There are also no rooms for the jury nor the witnesses, and the Clerk’s Office is far removed from the judges’ chambers.

75 Years Ago

From 1942 – Last Friday the Arizona State Highway Engineers accepted from The Packard Contracting Company a stretch of Fort Valley Road from a point near the Flagstaff city limits to the Snow Bowl Road, the work having begun earlier this year with the funds appropriated for it. Other oiling projects, including Lake Mary Road, are held up for the duration of the war.

The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Flagstaff will do a share toward the purchase of a bomber for Coconino County. At its regular meeting it was decided to contribute $300 to the fund.

Although travel on Route 66 seems to be holding up well in the face of war and gasoline rationing, visitors at the Grand Canyon fell by about 50 percent in number. Public services there have been either much reduced or eliminated for the duration of the war.

Gilbert Sechrist, son of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sechrist, was the victim of an unusual accident on Tuesday when he fell head first into the coal chute loading ramp for the automatic stocker in the basement of the Flagstaff Hospital. He had dropped his shovel in and when reaching for it fell in, dislodging some coal that then wedged him so that he could not move or make any real noise to attract attention from above. He was missed at home at supper time and his brother went to the hospital to look for him. There, hearing Gilbert’s faint call, he called their father, who then called the Fire Department, which was able to extract him in about 45 minutes. Fortunately he suffered no bodily injury although his eyes smarted for some time due to the coal dust.

The Le Brat Café closed on Thursday and expects to be closed for about a month for some much needed remodeling of both the dining room and the kitchen, according to the owners Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gabaldon. A new floor covering is to be laid in the cafe and the entire kitchen is to be remodeled.

The City of Flagstaff will pay a reward of $25 to anyone presenting evidence leading to conviction of breaking City Ordinance No. 161, which prohibits the throwing of bottles or the breaking any kind of glass upon the streets, alleys or sidewalks of the City of Flagstaff.

On Tuesday of this week a 3% dividend was paid to the stockholders of the Flagstaff Community Hotel Co., owner of the Monte Vista. This is the 4th dividend paid and there is every indication that the indebtedness may be wiped out by the end of next year.

After the Forest Service announced that there will be no Christmas trees available at Knob Hill this year, the American Legion formed a cutting committee. The trees will be brought in from cutting areas by Frank Christenson, who will charge only for the cost of the labor and the gasoline About 1,000 trees have been cut and will be hauled by truck to Knob Hill over the weekend.

50 years ago

From 1967 - A man was found dead in the cellblock of the Flagstaff jail on Thursday morning. When he did not answer the morning call trusties notified Sgt. Gary Latham, who having been then unable to arouse him summoned a physician who pronounced him dead at the scene. He was transported to the mortuary. The prisoner, Frank Hoskie Bancroft, was listed as a farmer and a resident of Tuba City. He had been arrested on charges of drunk and disorderly conduct 11 times during the past 12 years.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, the home decorating contest sponsored by the Sun has been canceled. Some of the judges have left town and the accumulation of snow is such that judging would be seriously hampered.

Flagstaff residents waiting for Christmas to come through the mail may be doomed to disappointment, but not because the U. S. Mail isn’t trying. The Post Office is jammed as a result of the 10-day snowstorm that has swept through northern Arizona. Post Master E. H. “Doc” Husband says that mailmen are doing their best to get as much of the mail burden as possible distributed. The usual 1 ½-hour routes are taking as long as 6 hours to accomplish. Packages will only be delivered on Sunday.

Rescue operations in more remote areas of the county are continuing using Air Force helicopters under the command of Col. W. C. McFarland of Luke Air Force Base. The County Sheriff’s Office has been coordinating rescue efforts, taking food to stranded families, bringing persons into the city from outlying areas as needed and taking medicines to more remote areas.

25 Years Ago

From 1992 – Babbitt’s has made the decision to lay off 21 employees -- nearly half its work force -- after learning that a new electrical outlet business was coming to Flagstaff, said David Chambers, President of Babbitt Bros. Trading Co., an umbrella company for six home centers in Northern Arizona. The company’s work force, which is non-union, will shrink from 44 to 23. Babbitt’s is paying out substantial sums in severance pay.

While the future of NAU’s Nursing Program remains uncertain, it is getting a boost from the Coconino County Community College, which will work with NAU on a revised and combined nursing program.

For radio nostalgia buffs there’s a new sound in town: KYET 1180 AM, a 10,000-watt station that offers old-time radio shows and easy-listening music from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. It’s based in Williams and is on the air from sunrise to sunset each day.

Skiers saw their hopes for an early opening melt on Wednesday when the Arizona Snow Bowl announced that it would not open this upcoming weekend. Spokswoman Lynda Calvano said the ski area needs at least one more big snowstorm before it can crank up the lifts.

Last year the State Legislature ordered each county to set up waste tire collection sites and develop a recycling program under the auspices of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Coconino County is among the 15 counties that have opted to join a statewide program contracted out by ADEQ.

Target may come to town. The creation of a new shopping plaza that may ultimately include a drug store, a couple of restaurants and other shopping businesses is under consideration on South Milton. All that new traffic will make it more important than ever to improve the traffic flow on Milton and on University.



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