Haunted Flagstaff: 1926 Railroad Station (copy)

This photo of the 1926 Railroad Station, located at 1 E. Route 66, was taken by Fronske Studio in 1944.

Courtesy of Cline Library Special Collections and Archives

125 Years Ago

From 1892 – There are the upwards of 25,000 railroad ties on flat cars stacked up along the railroad by Front Street.

On Wednesday passenger train #3 was wrecked near Crozier. One passenger was killed and 4 others injured .

Frank Hochderffer is erecting a house on the west end of town.

Now that hunting season is on, parties are making up all over the county and heading for the mountains or for the Grand Canyon.

Henry Hoxworth and Will Freidlein left on a four-day trip yesterday and plan to supply all their friends with a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinners.

Don’t forget the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church supper at Brannen’s on Friday evening. It’s only 50 cents for a full meal.

There’s to be a Union Service at the Presbyterian Church at 11 o’clock on Thanksgiving Day with the sermon by the Rev. J. C. Pierce and music by the Methodist Choir.

The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Civil Engineer was here on Wednesday and engaged a half-dozen men to go with him to Needles from where a survey crew will begin a new survey.

The Leopold-Haley Combination that advertised to give a dramatic performance at Powell’s Friday – that’s tonight - has been postponed owing to a delayed train and will instead give a double performance on Saturday night.

The Sheepmen are getting their flocks into winter quarters. The range lacks water, consequently they are praying for snow.

One of the things to be observed and not with any pleasure by any visitors to Flagstaff is the myriad of cans and other trash to be seen in the alleys and vacant lots. This is a public nuisance and cannot be seen to by authorities anytime too soon.

100 Years Ago

From 1917 – On Monday a Shay Engine plunged down the Flagstaff Lumber Co. road near Lake Mary, jumped the track and landed on the county road running along the edge of the lake. The crew had stopped at the top of the incline to take on water. The Engineer threw the switch, the Fireman pulled the throttle and the engine took over. The men jumped to safety. Just a moment before the engine came tumbling down and landed on the road. J. C. Dolan, W. H. Power and Sam Quay had passed by on the landing spot. They are congratulating themselves on their narrow escape. The engine is a total wreck and it will take several days to repair the damage to the logging road so the mill may have to shut down due to a shortage of logs.

Town Clerk Clint Johnson has had an intimation that he is going to receive some money pretty soon. This is not because of a Gypsy incantation but simply because taxes are now due and payable. Dire calamity will ensue if not paid by December 21 as there will then be a penalty attached for lack of payment. Tom Rees, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, has been appointed Federal Licensor for Explosives in Coconino County.

Be Patriotic. Substitute Corn Meal for Wheat. The United States production of corn is 3 to 4 times greater than the production of wheat.

D. C. Jennings of Winslow was killed Thursday when the wood wagon with a 4-horse team he was driving turned over, crushing him underneath.

There’s a big sum waiting for Coconino County Roads. The State has received $123,881 from the Federal Government as its share of National Forest timber sales. The $42,884 due cannot be absorbed by the state, although it may be that the work will be postponed due to the war.

Arrangements have been made for the Band Boys to meet in City Hall on Tuesday and Fridays nights and then on Sunday afternoon. All who have musical ability are invited to join. L. P. Miller, Director.

Herbert Spence, a Babbitt Company employee, was shot in the back last Saturday night on Dead Man’s Flat. It seems that his gun discharged as it fell from his pocket. He was brought in to the County Hospital, where he died on Wednesday night just as his mother arrived from Emporia, Kansas. She has taken him home for burial.

Message from Herbert Hoover, Head of the Federal Food Administration, to every poulter. We are short of red meat. We advocate every household, hotel and restaurant in the country substitute poultry for red meat. Grow more chickens.

75 Years Ago

From 1942 –Joe Lucero, Payroll and Voucher Clerk at the U. S. Forest Service here, left Wednesday morning for Phoenix. From there he will go on to Fort Knox, Virginia, to be engaged as Storekeeper in the U.S. Naval Service. Mary Ruth McDaniels will replace him in the office here.

Buy or trade your guns at Harper Furniture here in Flagstaff.

The local Rent Control Office covering Coconino and Yavapai counties is pleased to report a gratifying response to the call made for registration of dwelling unit rentals. F. M. Gold, Attorney and Director, reports that there are approximate 3,000 registrations on file and will serve to establish a permanent U. S. Government record for fixing maximum rentals permitted under Federal Law for the duration.

Flagstaff has been OK’d for Federal Housing projects according to a telegram received by Major E.B. Myrick at the Navajo Ordnance Depot.

The Park Service reports that travel to the Grand Canyon was down to 9,420 for the month of October. Gasoline rationing and the closure of rail service is expected to further lower visitation for the duration.

Chamber of Commerce Director Jack Redmond says a total of 66 “Lantern type” Christmas lights will be put up in the downtown area and in the Greenlaw Shopping area by next Monday provided by the joint efforts of the Merchants, The Chamber of Commerce, the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County. The cost for the 3-year lease is approximately $6,800. This is the first time Greenlaw has been included.

The Flagstaff Junior Chamber of Commerce plans a decorating contest among the city’s merchants with prizes. Watch for the details coming out next week.

Postmaster E. H. Husband urges the citizens of Flagstaff to be sure to use the correct address for letters and packages going to overseas servicemen to avoid serious delays in their arrival.

A lone bandit struck the Flagstaff Liquor Store just at dusk on Tuesday, then melted into the evening shadows. Police Chief Elmo Maxwell said the man entered the Cork and Barrel liquor store at 824 N. Beaver Street shortly after 6 pm, ordered an off-brand whiskey and handed the night clerk a note on a piece of paper, then slung him, note and all, into the case. He then departed with $400 cash from the register and his bottle of whiskey in a paper sack. He fled as another customer entered the store barely 2 minutes ahead of the Patrolman Edwin Wright, who with Detective E. T. James Jr. conducted a citywide search that included road blocks which were fruitless.

Wanted: Good extractor man. Apply at Flagstaff Steam Laundry.

50 Years Ago

From 1967 - The United Way has set up its new office at the Monte Vista. It is the first organization to occupy the newly remolded business space on the Fourth Floor. They’ll be open for business on Monday morning.

Police Officers are seeking the bandit who held up the night clerk at the Motel 6. He walked in, asked for a room and placed a $5 bill on the counter. When the clerk got up to make change he found himself staring down the barrel of a small black revolver. The bandit took all the cash in the register and left. Clerk Holland then called the police, who are still seeking the thief. Chief Elmo Maxwell.

The City Council has approved the proposed China Canyon site for the proposed new Junior High School at a rate of $100 a year. It is approximately 8 acres in size.

The annual overnight parking ban is now in effect. Any car parked at night during snow plowing will be towed.

The metered parking on the north side of downtown starting at Route 66 is now in effect. It does not cover the south side, where most of the parking spaces are located. As a gift from downtown merchants, downtown parking meters will be covered from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. beginning on December 10 until Christmas eve.

At the Namco Meat Market, 2713 East Larkin Drive, this week, by the pound, Ground beef 39 cts., Pork Bellies 39 cts., All Meat Bologna 39 Cts. Whole Fryers 33 cts. Beef Liver 39 cts.

Four boys vanished after extinguishing a roof fire with a garden hose. They noticed the flames as they were passing by, advised the residents, called the Fire Department, then jumped to the roof with the garden hose. By the time the Fire Department arrived the fire was out and the boys were gone. The shake roof on the home of Dennis Vogt. City Planner, located at 273 E. Lewis St. was ignited by sparks from the chimney.

According to a survey by the Arizona State Department of Planning and Survey Division, the traffic on Route 66 increased from a daily 5,083 in 1966 to 5,250 in 1967.

Mrs. Frank Hablin, temporary Chairman of the newly formed “Friends of the Library,” reports that membership has now reached to almost 100 members and they are ready to set up a formal organization in support of our Public Library. New members are invited to join.

There were 12,000 spectators at the 21st Annual Winslow Christmas Parade on Saturday. The Sweepstakes prize-winning float, featuring a traditional Christmas scene of a giant Poinsettia and boughs of Pinon Pine, was won by the Winslow Indian Dormitory.

25 Years Ago

From 1992 - The City Council has taken the first step toward buying the Amtrak Station and turning it into the new Visitors Center in a 6-1 vote. There is some concern expressed by those opposed about exposing visitors to the danger and the fumes of its close proximity to the railroad tracks.

Flagstaff housing market is booming. Coconino County issued 39 permits a 117% increase over last year and in September and then another 26 -- a 53% increase in October.

Builder Tom Stewart says the 2100 square-foot, 3-bedroom “spec” house he is building in University Heights with an asking price of $169,500 is getting a number prospective buyers.

The first snowfall is usually the end of the buyer season. Not so this year. Susan Tamburrro, President of the Northern Arizona Board of Realtors, says some local people are “buying up” and that there are a lot of buyers coming here from California and retirees from the Midwest arriving as well.

The County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to deny an amendment to the 1986 County Ordinance that has allowed 15-foot extensions on billboards. Recently the billboards have been “enhanced in depth” and increased the size of extensions, which are deemed to be unsightly. Those extensions must now be removed.

3M owns about 90 billboards in Coconino County and is considering suing the county.

The City is about to put the 540-acre Koch Field site on the market, saying it would be better to turn the land that has been vacant for decades into bank notes, in spite of arguments that it would better serve as open space.

NAU is about to graduate its largest class ever with 1,939 diplomas being awarded, nearly 100 more than last June.

As construction moves forward with improvements at Pulliam Field, the City Council is considering establishing parking fees to help to make the facility self-supporting.

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