Aggravated assault

A man was assaulted with a baseball bat at Pine Knoll Drive on Sunday. The man was found by police on Interstate 40. He was bleeding heavily from the face. The man told police that he went into the woods to urinate and was attacked by six men. The case was forwarded to detectives for further investigation.

-A man was arrested for aggravated assault of a healthcare professional, theft and disorderly conduct after attempting to steal medical supplies and hitting a security guard at Flagstaff Medical Center on Sunday.

The man attempted to steal $100 worth of alcohol wipes and gauze.

The man was identified as Vaughn Seumptewa.

-A man told police he had been stabbed in the woods in the 2600 block of South Woodlands Village Boulevard. The man had been stabbed in his right hand with a knife. The man said he knew his attacker but did not want to press charges because “he was drinking buddies with the guy.”

Drug offense

A man was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after he told police he was hit by a car on the 1500 block of South Milton Road. He was transported to FMC where police found no injuries on his person. The man showed symptoms of methamphetamine use. 

Police asked the man if he needed pain medication to which he responded that he did.

Police said they thought the man was lying and asked if they could search his clothes to which the man said yes.

Police found a meth pipe in his possession.

The man was identified as Alec Hicks.