Flagstaff Police Department


A man's motorhome was burglarized on Wednesday at the Motel 6 on East Butler Avenue.

The man went into the motel to rent a room and when he came back his phone had been stolen from the inside of his car.

No suspect was found and the case requires further investigation.

Aggravated assault

A man was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shoplifting on Monday after he chased three Walmart employees with a folding knife on East Huntington Drive.

The employees caught the man attempting to steal two cans of Four Loko malt liquor and a package of socks.

The man walked outside and when the employees attempted to call the police the man chased them with a knife. The man left when the employees ran into the Walmart.

Police found the man in a field across the street and arrested him.

The man was identified as Aaron Greyhair.

Drug offenses

A man was arrested on Friday at 1921 E. Mountain View Ave. for the attempted sale of narcotics after he told undercover investigators that he could get them cocaine.

The report did not state that the man had cocaine on him at the time of the sale.

The man was identified as Christopher Woodard


A man reported on Tuesday that someone was sending his wife violent and sexually explicit text messages.

The woman received three messages with one threatening to kill her.

Police called the number associated with the texts and found that it was a number associated with Google or Skype communication services.

The case was forwarded to detectives for further investigation. 


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