A man reported a home invasion on the 1400 block of University Heights Drive on Wednesday. The man, who was a real estate agent for the home, went to check on the house and found another man upstairs.

The trespasser said that he was an agent looking to sell the home. 

Police were unable to locate the man, according to the police report.

Aggravated assault

A man was arrested for aggravated assault after repeatedly hitting and choking his girlfriend on Monday on the 900 block of East Route 66.

The man was intoxicated at the time of the incident and was involved in a domestic violence case earlier in the day with the same woman.

The man grabbed his girlfriend’s hair while she was sleeping and began hitting and choking her, according to the police report.

The man denied hitting his girlfriend. He was identified as Ethan Whitehair.

--A woman was arrested for aggravated assault of a medical professional after she struck a firefighter in the face on Wednesday. The woman was being treated for alcohol intoxication after she was found unconscious in a bar downtown.

She hit the firefighter while she was being looked at by medical personnel.

She was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center and later transferred to Coconino County Detention Facility.

The woman was identified as Kailey Christensen.


A woman told police that someone broke into her car on the 800 block of South San Francisco Street on Monday and was using her credit cards.

The woman said the subject spent over $500 on multiple credit cards and had stolen her purse, which contained her passport.

The man was last seen at a smoke shop on the 3500 block of Route 66. He is a white male with a red goatee and a buzz cut, according to the police report.