Flagstaff police are still seeking the person behind at least one letter falsely telling undocumented immigrants they are at risk of being deported by federal immigration agents if they are reported to the Coconino County Sherriff’s Office and the police department.

The police have been unable to confirm whether the note sent to one individual in the undocumented community was a legitimate threat.

Flagstaff Police Public Information Officer Cory Runge said the department has  been informed of only one note, but that there could be more people who received the threatening letter based on the fact that the letter addressed the undocumented community in general.

The police are looking into potential harassment charges, but police cannot charge for harassment without knowing the intentions of the suspect.

The letter said it was sent by a group calling itself the Legal Americans Surveillance Citizens Project; however, police could not find any indication the group was real.

The letter had an address of P.O. Box 5119 in Flagstaff, but police have confirmed that this address is fraudulent.

Runge said the police department and the sheriff’s office “are not deputized to enforce immigration laws nor do we intend to be.”

Anyone receiving one of these letters is encouraged to report it to the police department so it can be determined if a crime is being committed and if certain people are being specifically targeted due to their race or ethnicity. Please reference Departmental Report P17-12131 when making a report.

The police department dispatch number is (928) 774-1414.


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