Hoping to relieve traffic for folks headed to play in the snow and to Arizona Snowbowl, the Arizona Department of Transportation changed the timing of stoplights at a few major intersections on both recent holiday weekends.

Making lights green longer for southbound traffic on some big afternoons is part of a range of ideas being tested to relieve traffic jams that sometimes result in hourslong trips into Flagstaff.

Lights on Butler Avenue and Milton Road were among those with longer green lights running north and south on these weekends.

The next question is whether this signal change might result in delays on side streets.

This experiment might have been a little confounded by one factor: There was a lack of snow at Wing Mountain sledding area, which might have cut down on one segment of traffic.

Businesses and groups along Highway 180, from the American Legion to the Late for the Train on 180 and Chevron at Fort Valley reported few backups in the past two weekends, said Dave Wessel, of the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization.

"I'm not going to claim victory at this point, but it does appear that it did what we wanted it to do," he said.

Wessel is seeking more information on traffic on the holiday weekends. He is at 226-4841.


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