In-N-Out Burger

This California-based burger joint has developed a large cult following over the years thanks to its focus on tasty patties, fries and drinks. Veteran In-N-Outers can opt for the not-so-secret menu if they're in the mood for Double Meat or Animal Style, but be prepared for a drive. The closest In-N-Out is in Prescott.

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There’s no word yet on when or if In-N-Out Burger will break ground in Flagstaff.

In-N-Out Burger Marketing Director Phyllis Cudworth said the Flagstaff location was not on her most recent list of stores that the company plans to break ground on or open. However, that doesn’t mean that In-N-Out is or is not planning to build a restaurant in Flagstaff, she said. It’s just not on the list to start construction for the next few months, she said.

Former Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours released a letter from In-N-Out Burger’s corporate office last summer stating that the company was looking to build a restaurant on Milton Road next to the Pizza Hut.

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans said the company submitted a concept plan and asked for a consultation with staff, but they haven’t submitted an actual site plan or paid any fees to submit a plan yet.

Stuart McDaniel, the government affairs director for the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, said he spoke with a representative from In-N-Out recently and was told that the company was still interested in coming to Flagstaff and was working with city staff on the permitting process.

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