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Flagstaff police have formally requested the Coconino County Attorney’s Office to charge Charlie Malzahn, 27, with the murder of Glendale kindergarten teacher Cathryn Gorospe, 44.

Police are requesting the charges in Coconino County due to the belief that Gorospe was murdered near Williams. Her body was found in Mayer, which is located in Yavapai County.

“Although no exact location has been confirmed there is evidence that the murder occurred in or near Williams, Arizona,” Flagstaff Police Spokesman Sgt. Cory Runge said.

Coconino County Attorney William Ring said his office is pursuing the case under the assumption that the murder occurred in Coconino County.

“Channels of investigation remain open, including the precise or most likely location of the victim’s final moments of life,” Ring said. “There is evidence and therefore reason to believe the death blows occurred in Coconino County. We are proceeding on that basis, and with a reasonable degree of confidence, unless or until persuasive evidence to the contrary is produced.”

Malzahn has been the primary suspect in Gorospe’s death since being the last person to see the teacher alive when she bailed him out of jail on Oct. 6 for auto theft charges that occurred on Aug. 20.

He was seen driving Gorospe’s blood-stained Toyota Rav4 on Oct. 9 in Phoenix and arrested after fleeing from law enforcement.

Malzahn in the custody of Phoenix Police for charges unrelated to Gorospe’s death.


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