Flagstaff History: Carnegie Institute sponsored an expedition down the Colorado River

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From 1887: The Flagstaff Sheriff's Posse, which joined with others at Payson, has returned after 20 days in the saddle. There were about 20 men in the party who led the Graham party into a trap for their capture. When Sheriff Mulverson stepped out and ordered them to hold up their hands, instead of doing so, they went for their guns. The next minute there were two dead men on the ground. The rest surrendered peacefully and were placed under arrest.

It seems probable that this last effort to make a peace-abiding place of Pleasant Valley was successful, and the officers of the law are to be congratulated upon having ended the bloody disgrace that developed there.

The weather has been some cooler this week with no rain.


Henry Rockmark, who was rooming at the Weatherford, became suddenly insane at one o'clock Thursday morning. He came tearing out of his room in his night clothes shouting and shooting with his six-shooter. Phil Rickel from across the street heard the shooting and called Deputy Sheriff Frank Fairchild. In the meantime, Rockmark ran William Bosco, the night bartender, out. He was still shooting when Fairchild arrived and shot Rockmark through the heart. His life's blood drained away and he died.

Saturday morning, the rodeo camp at Spring Creek was inundated by a sudden rush of water, which came down the wash, sweeping the breakfast that was under construction away. The beef that had been hung in a tree was roped and floated ashore, the mud and debris scraped off and a second breakfast prepared for the hungry punchers.

The disease commonly known as "Pink Eye" has made its appearance in this section and is causing considerable alarm from the number of animals that are affected. Over a dozen horses have died within the past 10 days.


Mrs. Bill Lorenz found a body while looking for some horses just north of the hospital. There was a note with the body saying it was a suicide. A letter had been mailed to the police saying "Gentlemen: I am tired of life by all the troubles it brought, with more coming with old age I will shoot myself this afternoon. Geo. Ubler, Philadelphia."

Carnegie Institute is sponsoring an expedition down the Colorado River from Lee's Ferry to the upper end of Lake Mead for the purpose of making a geological survey of the Canyon. The party is made up of four geologists and three boatmen under the leadership of Frank B. Dodge, who was with the Colonel Birdseye expedition in 1923.

The range and browse situation in the Kaibab forest is better than it has been in years. The deer are fat and handsome. J. B. Edwards, deputy state game warden.


A double-decker cattle truck wreck occurred on Route 66 Saturday evening in which 23 fine Hereford steers died. The other 74 went loose into the surrounding woods and were eventually corralled.

A total of five counterfeit $50 bills have been picked up in this area during the past week. One "paid" for a rental auto and another for a motel room. No useful description of the man is to be had.

Hungry? You can have a lunch buffet at the Monte Vista for $1.25 or a Prime Rib dinner for $2.50. Phone: PR4-8182

Water was off Wednesday in Sunnyside so the new water line could be tied in.

H. 72 Wed. L. 27 Sat. No rain


The upcoming October Fest with its European flavor, its outside booths and street corner entertainments will be raising funds to pay for the installation of 20 "period" street lights at a cost of $700 each along South San Francisco Street. The project is being headed by Doug Hughes, current owner of the Du Beau and its prominent $5 sign. It was built in 1929 and featured adjoining rooms, interior tiled baths and attached garages. With the average wage of about $1 an hour at that time, it was an overnight stop for only the wealthy traveler.

H. 81 Tues. -- a record for this date. Wed. L. 31 -- 0.07" rain fell Mon.

Compiled from the files of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.

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