Week of Aug. 28

Starting school is always an exciting time. Some students from Mount Elden Middle School got to start school by going to Camp Colton. Here is what some of them had to say.

Starting 6th grade at Camp Colton was awesome. We got to meet the most funny teachers and dog. Our classes were survival, wildlife, plants, and environmental awareness. The dog's name is Chicago. The cat's name is Opal. We get to stay here at camp for four days. It is the best week of school ever. The night program is even better. We get to sing camp fire songs around the campfire. One night we went on a night hike and at the top of the hill we saw a beautiful sunset. We told scary stories and sang silly songs. The weather is really nice but when it comes to night it gets cold. It's so cold my fingers are about to come off! The best way to start your year is at Camp Colton.

-- Kaden

Starting 6th grade with Camp Colton felt a little weird because I didn't really know anybody. But then again, I was excited because I wanted to make new friends. It felt awkward to come because I've never really been away from my family for a week. I love to go camping but in a different way and with my family. ...The classes were awesome. We got to learn about plants and flowers that might be edible or poisonous. We learned how to make shelter, use a compass, and make signals if we get lost. We learned about the animals and some places you should camp. Anyway, I'm trying to say I had fun throughout this whole experience. Especially all the great staff.

-- Taylor

I met a lot of new people and made new friends at Camp Colton. The classes were fun and I had an AWESOME time here! It was funny how Chicago barked after we howl after we sing. The teachers were great and we learned new things. In the morning it's funny because of the way they wake you up, with the chicken music. Plus, the classes are AWESOME because we get to on hikes and learn outside. Bedtime is cool because you don't have to go to sleep until 9:15. I think the best thing about Camp Colton is they let you eat a snack before you go to bed. At night we got to go to a campfire or walk somewhere and sing camp songs. The cool part about camp is meeting new people.

-- Jaden

Staring 6th grade with Camp Colton is really fun because not only am I having fun, I'm meeting new friends in a whole new different way. I have made maybe 3-6 new friends during Camp Colton. I love Camp Colton and want to come back. The nightly songs we sing were very fun to sing to. My first class was Pond and Water Study which was very fun and cool. We got to use a net to catch insects in the pond. After we caught them we looked at them through a 2in1 microscope. We stay at Camp for four days and it went by so fast that I wish we stay for 1 more day. I didn't miss my family but I can't wait to see them when I get back.

-- Marita

Starting 6th grade at Camp Colton is very fun. You get to do a bunch of stuff like go on hikes and get outdoors without electronics. You get to meet new people and you take classes that help you learn about the environment around you. I loved it because you get to meet new people and the teachers are really fun. I love Camp Colton :0)

-- Caden

Starting 6th grade with Camp Colton was exciting! We had lots of fun and had many classes. I was in the Deer group so my first class was Pond and Water Study. We learned when liquid turns into a gas, it's called evaporation. We learned other words like precipitation, condensation, transpiration, and runoff. But that was just my first class, there were still 4 more to go. ...

-- Zalma

My last few days at Camp Colton have been really fun. I have learned a lot of cool stuff like survival, plants and environmental awareness. The food here at Camp Colton is really good because they cooked it on firewood. Also I have met other people that were complete strangers to me a week ago. Camp Colton is a place where you meet new people and learn new stuff. Camp Colton is really fun and I hope I can visit here another day. I have enjoyed my 4 day visit here. Camp Colton is really cool!

-- Miguel

It was extremely awesome starting the year with Camp Colton because it is a fun way to learn outside and we got to play more than usual. My favorite class was Leave No Trace and Survival. My favorite part of Survival was building shelters and for Leave No Trace it was playing Camouflage.

-- Max

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