Twelve dedicated teachers were initiated into Alpha Delta Kappa on April 7, 1963, at the Monte Vista Hotel in downtown Flagstaff. Today, the membership has grown to thirty-one. The goals remain the same: to help our community through altruism, educational excellence and world understanding.

Pi Chapter promotes and helps our community on a yearly basis by awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a senior student at each high school and an NAU student teacher each semester.

The Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix is another charity they sponsor by donating furniture, paint, and items on their "RMD Wish List." According to Nancy Roach, Ronald McDonald House Manager, last year they served many families from Northern Arizona who spent 1,487 nights at the cost of $87,733.00.

Pi Chapter enjoys helping when help is needed: for example, buying supplies and clothing for children who were affected by the flood/fires in the Cromer School area, students attending conferences out of state such as National History Day, supplying magazines to the children's unit at our medical center, etc.

Educational excellence is encouraged by Alpha Delta Kappa. State, regional and international meetings offer workshops in all areas of education. Scholarships are available to attend meetings sponsored by Alpha Delta Kappa as well as other educational organizations and universities. It is possible for members to earn Arizona recertification hours by serving in an Alpha Delta Kappa leadership position.

Pi Chapter supports and contributes to building bridges for world understanding through an international project called HOPE: Hope and Opportunity for Peruvian Education. On the local front, they sponsor educators throughout the world coming to NAU to become better teachers. Mahishi Ranaweera (Sri Lanka) was awarded a master's degree in English as a Second Language. She returned to Sri Lanka and is teaching on the college level.

She said, "Every time I give a lecture, I tell the audience how lucky I was to be able to live in the beautiful city of Flagstaff. There are wonderful, open-minded people there who taught me that people of every ethnicity, religion and creed can live together in peace and harmony. Flagstaff will always be in my heart, cherished and loved!"

Fifty years later, the members of Alpha Delta Kappa in Flagstaff are still committed to altruism, educational excellence and world understanding. They want to thank everyone who purchases their "Super Bowl Enchiladas" as this is their only fundraiser. Pi Chapter feels truly blessed to be able to teach, help and encourage the children of this wonderful city. They are looking forward to another 50 years of service to our community.

-- By Alpha Delta Kappa members


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