Haz-mat technicians secure a motel room in Flagstaff where a "one-cook" meth lab was discovered Monday night. 

Two Ohio residents are in custody after police found a working meth lab in a Flagstaff motel room late Monday night.

Police found the lab at the Pinecrest Motel, 2818 E. Route 66, at about 11 p.m. during a domestic dispute call, said Sgt. Ryan Beckman of the Metro anti-narcotics task force.

Officers, upon making contact with the guests in the room in question, noticed items of drug paraphernalia in plain sight, Beckman added.

According to information from the police department, the officers also began noticing a "strong chemical odor" coming from inside the room.

"It was actually cooking off when officers got in," Beckman said, adding that the lab was a "one-cook pot" to make a single batch of meth.

The cook was still in a liquid state and had not reduced to the final, crystallized form of meth. Beckman was unsure of what the cook would have yielded.

"It's in the area of grams," he said.

Investigators took samples of the chemicals to send to the Arizona Department of Public Safety crime lab. There, technicians will determine the precursor chemicals used.

Arrested were: Marecia Neville, 22, and Michael Quinn, 36, on charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. Additional charges are pending. Quinn also had a warrant for his arrest from Ohio on a charge of manufacturing dangerous drugs.

Flagstaff Fire Department hazardous materials crews were at the motel after the arrests securing the lab, which is highly unstable, Beckman said. It had begun to emit gas fumes, and investigating officers cleared the room so that haz-mat technicians could secure the lab.

The case is under investigation.

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