Flagstaff police responding to the home of a driver who had just sideswiped an SUV found that he had just consumed three large beers after arriving home.

It's a common tactic for a drinking driver -- police can't prove for sure that he was already driving under the influence before he reached home.

But this driver's beer guzzling won't stop police from investigating him on charges of aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument.

According to information from police, a man pulled up behind a Chevy Suburban on East Old Route 66 on Thursday and started tailgating him. The victim told police that the Ford F150 was following so closely that he couldn't see its hood.

Near the intersection of Highway 89, the man pulled into the lane next to the victim and held his arm up, then cranked the truck into the side of the SUV. The collision transferred some paint and damaged the vehicles' mirrors.

The victim followed the other driver home, while calling police. Officers met the victim there. The suspect told police he didn't want to stop after the collision because of snow on the side of the road. He also said he was afraid of a road-rage incident.

Police officers told the man they thought he was lying and arrested him. The suspect admitted he finished three 16-ounce beers before officers got there.

According to jail records, the 41-year-old Flagstaff man is now in custody on charges of failure to stop at a property accident. Detectives are also looking at potential felony charges for aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument.

-- Eric Betz,

Sun Staff Reporter

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Yea, I imagine if I rammed somebody out of roadrage, I'd be afraid of roadrage, too.

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