Flagstaff History: Winds blew roof off Winslow hangar

2013-03-17T05:00:00Z Flagstaff History: Winds blew roof off Winslow hangarSUSANNAH CARNEY Arizona Daily Sun
March 17, 2013 5:00 am  • 

From 1888 -- At half-past 3 this Saturday morning, an immense coal oil illuminator in Sawyer's Hall caught on fire from a large reservoir filled with kerosene. It was ready to cause an explosion at any minute when several cool heads tore the lamp from its fastenings and smothered the flames with a blanket.

The Flagstaff Lumber Co. is running full blast, turning out lumber at its full capacity.

The appearance of ladies on the streets sans cloaks or other winter wrappings speaks well for our salubrious climate.

The merry sound of saw and hammer on our new depot again livens our fair city this week.

Electric lights would add greatly to the appearance of our streets on dark nights. Where is the company that would erect them at once?


With George Blackman as the new lessee, the Weatherford has been undergoing a through cleaning and overhauling. Everything is being fixed up so it is in First Class shape.

Members of the Flagstaff Band are very appreciative of the patronage at their ball given at the Majestic Hall on Tuesday night and wish to thank people for attending and for their financial assistance. They were very mindful of the courtesies due the public on this occasion and did everything in their power to make the evening enjoyable to all who were in attendance.

The Office Saloon is undergoing repairs and modification. Changes include the ceiling and walls being repainted and the bar mirror fixtures refitted in the latest style. It is now one of the most attractive emporiums in our city.

H. 51 Mon. L. 4 Sun. It snowed 4 1/2" on Wednesday. Thus the snowball season is back in play and wreaking havoc with the automobile business.


The library began its move from the Isham Spencer Building to its new quarters in the former Women's Club building. Mrs. Lucinda De Vaney, who has been our librarian for the last 16 years, is supervising the move and has tendered her resignation as of April 1, when the move is expected to be completed.

This week's best buy at Pilkington's: A second-hand 1933 Chevrolet Coach with its original paint and good rubber. Only $195.

This week the Orpheum is showing "The Golden Follies " in Technicolor with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

H. 60 Wed. L. 13 Mon. Light snow fell last Sat., this Sun. and Mon.


Saturday, a stubborn fire at 2135 O'Leary Street threw billows of yellow /green smoke into our clear mountain air as a one-armed bandit burst into flames and icicles formed on the eaves. There was a film of ice underfoot and four firemen were injured. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Sixty-eight mph winds were reported at Winslow Airport on Friday. The roof of the 30-by-30-foot hangar blew off and citizens were warned to stay safely indoors.

A blizzard ruled northern Arizona's highways over the weekend. There were 9 deaths in accidents. 7 inches of snow came down in town while 18 inches fell on Snowbowl on Monday.


The planned citywide clean-up is under way. Yards are to be cleared up within the next 30 to 45 days before the city does it for you at a charge of $30 an hour. Flagstaff has been divided into four areas during which time the city will haul away large items like debilitated automobiles and old appliances without charge. The aim is to make citizens aware of their personal impact on and responsibility for the beauty of our mountain city.

Tree-clearing has begun for the enlargement of Coconino High School facilities.

H. Mon. 53 L. Fri. 20 Snow Trace on Thurs.

Flagstaff History is compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and the Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.

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  1. future
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    future - March 17, 2013 10:57 am
    DanFrazier, one-armed bandit is a slang word for slot machine. Maybe that is what they are referring to in the article.
  2. DanFrazier
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    DanFrazier - March 17, 2013 8:42 am
    There is a typo in the film title. It should be "The Goldwyn Follies". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goldwyn_Follies I'm still trying to figure out the reference to a "one-armed bandit" in connection with the fire.
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