This replica of the original Flagstaff 1876 flagpole erected by the Boston Party is located along Thorpe Road north of Frances Short Pond.


From 1892: The two-acre parcel of land surrounding the Casa Grande Ruins has been set aside by President Harrison as a reserve for the protection of the ruins under the control of the Bureau of Ethnology administered by the Smithsonian Institution.

R. Gibson, whose left leg was run over and badly injured on the 4th of July by one of Dave Handfield’s horses, is now able to hobble around with the aid of crutches.

Thursday evening there was a fatal accident in Bellemont. James Sublette was driving a heavily loaded six-horse team when the lead horse -- which was frightened by a passing train -- swung the team and broke loose, pulling the driver off and down under the heels of the wheel horses. The wagon wheels passed over his neck, breaking it and causing instant death. The team belonged to William Hall and was conveying a load of goods from this place to the Halls Ranch north of Williams.

The registration of voters is going slowly and the registration officers are taking their time about it. By now there should be at least two-thirds of voters registered and there are only one-third who have done so

The Price Baking Powder Co., 184, 186 & 188 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill. has just published a new cookbook. All you have to do is send in a postcard asking for it and it will be sent to you FREE of charge.


From 1917: Leon Bone, Special Investigator for the Justice Department, is satisfied that the enemy aero-planes that have been seen flying over Southern Utah are real and has asked the War Department to send aero-planes to investigate, since it is impossible for ground crews to determine where their headquarters are located.

The contract for the new Post Office building on San Francisco has been let and excavation is expected to begin soon. It will be absolutely fireproof, being made of reinforced concrete. All fixtures will be steel. The building will front on San Francisco and be parallel to the switch track in the alley. It will be 54 feet across the front and 48 feet deep with a full basement having a 14-foot ceiling.

Field work on the property for the new sewer system is complete and plans are being drawn up. The money from the sale of the sewer bonds is now on hand and drawing interest so the Council will act promptly in letting the contract so that incoming revenue may soonest be realized.

A recent agreement between the Town Council and the Normal School provides for water from the Old Town Spring to be piped to the school to be used for irrigating the campus lawn and the 40 acres of land used by the Agriculture Department.


From 1942: The Civil Service Commission wants graduating seniors and graduates that are now holding examinations. There is a particular need in the fields of Public Administration, Business Administration, Library Science, Economics, Statistics and Math through Calculus.

It is reported that is takes 2,700 pounds of sugar to make enough alcohol to make enough gunpowder to fire one big Navy gun once.

The Historic Landmark location group in a field trip has located the site of the old Hangman tree with the assistance of a number of older citizens. They also visited the official original Tall Pine Flag pole that gave Flagstaff its name. It is still standing just east of the Girl Scout Cabin at City Park.

Forest Supervisor R. W. Hussy tells us that when called upon to subscribe the Forest Service employees have pledged to buy War Bonds with 14.5 percent of their wages.

A special program at Babbitt’s Shoe Department has been put into effect to specialize in corrective shoes.

As the election year heats up the Forest Service reminds campaigners that it is illegal to place any advertising signs in the National Forests.

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From 1967: The abandoned building located at the turn onto the Snow Bowl Road burned to the ground on Tuesday. The roof was already gone before the Fire Department arrived. All they could do was to act to protect the surrounding forest and protect the adjacent buildings.

The new Ramada at Greenlaw Park is to provide 1,200 square feet of covered space, a storage space for equipment and other amenities.

B-B guns shattered windows in widespread parts of the city including Melody Music Store in the Greenlaw Center, Rasco’s Department Store on South Beaver and at the South Beaver School. The damage was done by 2 boys on a motor bike who had kidnapped a young boy, then held him while they did the damage and then released him before they motored on out of town. Chief Elmo Maxwell.


From 1992: Stone Forest Industries is closing down for at least a month due to a lack of timber. They are blaming the lack of supply on the frequent timber sale appeals by environmental groups. Faye Fisk, spokeswoman for the company, said that if they can get two buys in August they should be able to stay up and running through the winter.

Doug Despain, spokesman for the Carpenters Union Local 2772, said the union is assisting workers in getting unemployment compensation but that it is a devastating blow to family budgets.

The City has made another proposal to the 3M Company in its ongoing battle to get those billboards on the south side of Route 66 down so that the attractive landscaping project can proceed. This proposal is for a six-year phase-out with the removal of an additional 14 signs added along with an increase of payments to the city during this time.

Smith’s Specials: Whole Fryers 89 cts. pound. Cantaloupe - 5 lbs. $1. - Chiles 89 cts. lb.- 8 piece fried Chicken $3.99 - Smith’s Biscuits 4 for 99 cts.

On Tuesday afternoon 0.47 inches of rain fell, filling the construction ditches and causing flooding on Butler Avenue. Lightning struck power lines causing a brief power interruption and the street lights on Route 66 to quit for a period of time.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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