Barney Flat Historic Railroad Logging Landscape
Barney Flat Historic Railroad Logging Landscape
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From 1892: Governor Murphy has issued a proclamation designating October 21 as Columbus Day to be observed by all schools in Arizona Territory.

Sheep raisers are now gathering for the fall clip.

On Wednesday night, the shop of A. T. Cornish was burglarized and the safe blown open. The contents of the cash drawer containing about $50 were carried away. The thief has not been identified.

Ashurst and Marshall are getting out a carload of onyx from their claims and will ship it to Denver from Walnut probably sometime next week.

The School Trustees should have the pole fixed so the flag can be run up.

It is said that in short time the Fort Verde Military Reservation land will be thrown open to settlement.

If you could see your own scalp through an ordinary magnifying glass you would be amazed at the amount of dust, dandruff and just plain dead skin that had accumulated. The best and most popular preparation for scalp cleansing is Ayer’s Hair Vigor.

On Monday, James Munds, who lived about 20 miles south of this place on the Upper Verde, met with an accident that cost him his life. He had set his Winchester down by a fence and while dismounting his horse picked up his gun by the muzzle. The hammer caught in the fence and went off. The bullet passed through his temple and out the top of his head.

Mark Willard, who was nearby, heard the gun go off and saw him fall from his horse. He gathered him up and carried him home, where he died on Tuesday morning. Dr. Brannen was called but failed to arrive before he was gone. He leaves a wife and two children.

FAHRNEY - Hammock Carts. No horse motion or no sale. Patent June 30, 1891. Phaeton Company. Chicago. Illinois.

A fine shower fell on Wednesday.


From 1917: A big crowd said farewell to the Coconino Contingent on Thursday night as they left on No. 10 for Fort Reilly, Kansas.

The lumberjacks from the Arizona Lumber and Timber Co., the Flagstaff Lumber Co., Greenlaw Co.and the Saginaw & Manistee of Williams declared a strike on conditions they claim are unfair. Requested are: 9 hours a day at the same pay as current 10 hours, double pay for overtime, full pay during recovery from on-job injury, abolition of the “Black List,” better sanitary conditions in camps, equal pay for all regardless of color or nationality and the right of the union business representative to ride the log trains without paying.

Night Marshal Wick Thompson and two Sheriff’s Deputies picked up two alleged bootleggers Mark Baubeau and Al Wishwas at Hick’s Rooming House Monday night along with several jugs of whiskey, which they were busy putting into bottles. They were all headed for the jail when at the alley crossing of San Francisco Baubau started to run. Thompson dropped his load of whiskey and fired several shots without effect. The bootleggers have not been seen since.

Fireman Dickson and Brakeman McCray of Winslow were killed last Saturday night when a light eastbound engine which they were driving left the tracks and turned over west of Ash Fork. Engineer Davis was severely injured and later taken to Los Angeles medical care.

Water Superintendent John Marshall states that the supply of water in the city reservoir is increasing and now is at 25 feet of depth with an incoming rate of 933,000 gallons per day. The Railroad is taking 200,000 per day.

The Range is generally still in fair condition though deteriorating on account of the dry weather.


From 1942: Sugar ration books belonging to men who have joined the armed forces should be returned unused to the local War Price and Rationing Board. In the event of a death it should be returned within 10 days. Howard B. Ross, State Ration Office.

Stamp No. 8 in your ration book will be valid for 5 pounds of sugar for 10 weeks between Aug. 23 and Oct. 31. National OPA Office.

Get your canning sugar before Sept. 15. Certain parties may be able to get more. Call at the Ration Office.

H. T. (Jack) Wilson announced that as of Wednesday this week his buses have made their last trip to the Grand Canyon and that all other scenic tours have been ended until the end of the war. He will be using his buses to haul defense workers between Flagstaff and Bellemont.

Wanted: Telephone operators. Apply to Phone Manager, 211 W. Aspen Ave.

Wanted: Cashiers and Ushers for afternoon work. Married women acceptable. Apply immediately at the Orpheum.

Westbound #23 struck a pickup at the Garland Crossing at 8:30 am Sunday morning. Two men killed and three men injured.

For Sale: Roomy 11x11 pyramidal tents complete with pole, stakes, four cots Coleman Lantern & wood floor. $75 or $65 without floor. Drew’s Sporting Goods.

72 Coconino County men left on Wednesday for examination prior to induction into the U.S. Army.

Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Co. has released 25 sections on the Kaibab National Forest. It will take many years to replace the stand of timber.

Velma Holcomb pled guilty to the charge of overtaking and passing a vehicle without clear vision of the road and was assessed a $10 fine by Justice of the Peace W. E. Jolly on Monday.

Wanted: A party to bale hay by the ton. Power baler furnished. Box 424, Flagstaff.

For sale: Green Beans for canning. Mrs. Oscar Hubbard. Rt. 1, Box 430, Flagstaff.

H. 78 Mon. L. 42 Rain a trace


From 1967: Watch out for counterfeit $20 bills. They have begun appearing in Phoenix. They are on the Federal Reserve in Chicago, Series 1950D. The Treasury Seal is poorly reproduced. If noticed bring them to your bank. Chief Elmo Maxwell

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On Sunday, as a part of a nationwide plan to have Guard Units ready to control any disturbance, there will be joint field exercises with the Flagstaff Police Dept. and the Arizona National Guard in downtown Flagstaff.

The National Park Service has issued an announcement that a contract has been signed and the loop road at Wupatki and Walnut Canyon is to be reconstructed and resurfaced.

Winslow ia fighting the battle of Flies and Mosquitoes. The Kiwanis paid for a fogging machine and the chemicals for it, with the businessmen and professionals taking turns in the operations. It seems that the local pests promptly developed immunity.

The Kolb Grand Canyon Photograph Collection is to be housed in Special Collections in the NAU Library. Richard Quick, Director of Library Services.

The City Council has accepted a Federal Grant of $19,000 to conduct an economic Survey of the 4th Street Corridor.

Clip your coupon. Regular $1.65 Pizza -- .98 cts. plus tax. Pizza Inn, 1555 South Milton.

Bob’s Bronco Sweep Stakes. Grand Prize 1967, 4 wheel Drive, Ford Bronco with Trailer. Prizes every week. Drop by and check it out.

James I. Garner, who has been Assistant Editor and Publisher for the past 20 months, has been named as the Editor and Publisher of the SUN replacing Platt Cline, who has held this position since 1953. He will now assume duties as President of Flagstaff Publishing.

Play Strike the Gold at Bayless. Mrs. Georgia Wolfe just won a Plymouth Barracuda last week.

H. 77 Sun. A cold Front Swept through town Wednesday night taking temperatures down to 37 degrees. No rain.


From 1992: NAU is the 3rd client to sign up to buy water from the city’s new reclaimed water plant. So far they are planning on about 10 acres of irrigation beginning next summer but plans are already underway for more in the future. Catholic Cemeteries and the Flagstaff Unified School District are also in on the plan as well as the city itself. City crews are currently engaged in laying about 10 miles of pipe line to bring this treated water to useful irrigation purposes next summer. The cost is being covered by the Water and Sewer Bonds approved by voters in 1990.

Threatened with extinction by a cost saving plan, student nurses at NAU are mounting a grassroots campaign to save their program. Over 50 students including those in the dental program, which is also threatened, met on Wednesday in a meeting called by Junior Dette Hancock. The program, which opened in 1962, has 176 students and 15 faculty members. Many of the minority students are planning to stay and serve positions in rural Arizona.

Orchids Paper Products, which took over the paper plant in Flagstaff in 1989, has no plans to lay off any of its workers including 69 in Flagstaff although it has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Orville Simms, Company Executive and Chief Executive officer, stated that “We will continue to provide our customers with the same high level of service and products.” The company using recycled office paper manufactures a wide variety of tissue products.

Homes by Neal Klein, presents 2,173 sq. ft. of comfortable living. Stop by and visit our homes now under construction at the corner of W. University Heights and W. Dylan.

In Flagstaff the Building Plans Examiner is so swamped with 35 residential plans under consideration that he has hired a temporary assistant checker at $12.43 an hour. Rebecca Blaha, City Spokesperson.

Flagstaff’s heavyweight supermarkets, since the first full month Mega Foods was in business, have increased their sales by 8 percent over last July to $10.3 million. Convenience stores did even better with a 25 percent increase.

FUSD enrollment is at an all-time high of 12,181 students despite declines of enrollment at DeMiguel, Killip and Weitzel.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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