Santa Fe Train, 1938

The Santa Fe train "El Capitan" leaves the station at the Grand Canyon in 1938, trudging through the snow. (Courtesy photo)


From 1892: The Election in Coconino County passed off quietly, and an average vote was polled. It was the first election under the Australian system and its workings proved satisfactory although it has been proven under the system that a candidate does not lose control of the purchased voter. There was no delay experienced in Flagstaff although due to the number of scratched tickets the count was not finished until daylight Wednesday morning.

There was a scene of unusual activity in town on Election Day as all the cattlemen and residents from outlying districts came in to vote. It can be said to their credit that there were no brawls or disturbances of any kind.

All available teams that could be engaged were hired by the different candidates on Election Day to convey voters to and from the polling place. The wagons and horses were placarded with sentences and picture eulogistic of the respective aspirants and everybody took a free ride.

John Wesley arrived in town on Wednesday morning stricken with Mountain Fever. He was taken to the County Hospital where his recovery is doubtful.

This week Matt Black discovered a fine deposit of onyx about 1 mile south of town which may prove to be a bonanza. The specimens he brought in to the SUN office show it to be as fine as any previously found. All its colors are very bright. The deposit is being developed and increases in size as more is uncovered.

Col. William Cody, better known as ‘Buffalo Bill,” and a party of distinguished Americans and English noblemen arrived in Flagstaff on Thursday evening and quartered at the Del Monte Hotel. They are here for the purpose of hunting deer, bear and other large game in the surrounding country and, incidentally, to study the geographical formation and the flora and fauna -- some of the company being of a scientific turn of mind.

The party has hired teams and on Friday started for the Grand Canyon. They will follow its course for a way and then cross over into Utah. Segmiller the noted Arizona guide, has been engaged to pilot the expedition. They expect to kill game and are armed with the latest and most improved weapons.


From 1917: The wool growers of Northern Arizona are intensely interested in the outcome of the investigation of the recent loss of sheep on the Navajo County range. The flocks suffering the heavy losses were on the drive from summer to winter range and after being watered at the tanks along the drive sickened and died in large numbers. The stomach of one of the poisoned sheep has been sent to the Department of Agriculture for analysis to determine whether an alien enemy theory is correct and to put all sheepmen on their guard against such propaganda. Feed is very short in this area and it may be that the sheep have grazed on poisonous plants.

Thursday was a busy day in the Superior Court as four cases were arraigned which are to appear for trial at the November term of the court commencing on Monday the 26th.

Mark Baubian was arraigned on a felony charge to which he pleaded not guilty. His bail was fixed at $1,500.

Ruben Gonzales, who was charged with the murder of a man near Williams, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty. His bond was fixed at $10,000.

Franciso Grando pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and bond was fixed at $2,000.

Florention Pedroza pleaded not guilty to murder and bond was fixed at $10,000.

The criminal docket for the coming term of court will be the heaviest for several years.

The campaign on Food Conservation was a most telling one in Coconino County. Mr. Alex Johnston, the Director, has nothing but praise for the managers who so ably assisted him in the Food Drive. 1,125 heads of households have signed up for wheatless and meatless days.

Douglas Fairbanks and a crew of 40 or more people are expected to arrive at Gallup soon to film out in Canyon de Chelly, where a portion of a western picture drama will be filmed. Camp equipment and properties have already been sent out by auto truck by Louis Steward who will also transport the people to the location.

Flagstaff should get busy with the promotion of her scenic attraction, add more good hotels after this business.


From 1942: Currently gas rationing here is deferred for no apparent reason. Frank M. Gold, Director of the local Rationing Board, said the “A” gasoline coupon books will expire on July 31. At that time the Office of Price Administration will issue new books that will be different.

At this time those coupons issued earlier in The East are different from those issued here. Each new coupon will be valid for 2 months and worth 4 gallons, the total of which is expected to take your car about 240 miles at a rate of 15 miles to the gallon.

Wanted: Expert cooks, waitresses and dishwashers for the new Grand Canyon Café. Waitresses - $4 per 8-hour day plus bonuses. Inquire Weatherford Hotel. Mr. Spaulding.

All motorists in possession of more than 5 tires per vehicle may dispose of extra tires by calling at the local Express Office, from where they will be shipped to the Government Stockpile.

Stamp #9 is good for 3 pounds of sugar from Novemeber 1 to December 15. #8 coupon for 5 pounds expired on October 31. Office of Price Administration.

The first woman teacher at Arizona State Teachers College to answer the call to military service is Miss Verna Erwing. She will leave next Wednesday morning for Washington D. C. to enroll in a 2-week course in Recreation for Military Forces.

Governor Sidney P. Osburn issued a proclamation on Monday calling for all adult residents of Arizona to cooperate fully with the nationwide “Share the Meat” plan advocated to bridge the gap pending the development of a Federal rationing program in the near future.

10 million surgical dressings made by American Red Cross women along with 500,000 pounds of powdered milk for orphans have been shipped to Russia.

Last Saturday’s Forget-Me-Not Sale sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary netted a record $356.

Justice of the Peace Maxwell found Neil Wilbur guilty of operating a motor vehicle on the Santa Fe Railroad tracks just east of South San Francisco Street.

Four-year-old David Gibson, son of Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Gibson, is ill with the measles.

All women who are interested in joining the Women’s Motor Corps are asked to meet at the Red Cross Rooms on Leroux Street at 7:30 pm on Tuesday. It is being organized in cooperation with the Civilian Defense Unit.

For Sale: Chev Sedan Delivery Truck. A-1 condition. Tires fair. See Loren W. Cress.

For Sale: Turkeys. Live or dressed. Mrs. Oscar Hubbard. Rt 1 Box 130 Walnut Canyon.

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From 1967: Chaplain Francis D. Osborn, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Mark A. Moore, American Legion joined in a downtown parade Saturday to mark the annual celebration of the Veterans of all Foreign Wars. Following the parade there were formal ceremonies on the lawn at City Hall. Social activities were enjoyed by participants in the afternoon.

Robert Prochnow of the Chamber of Commerce met with the Bureau of Public Roads in Phoenix. The City will now make a formal request to put into action the request for an Exit from I-40 at Butler.

Two Missouri youth were arrested Tuesday night on a charge of siphoning gas at Jim Kelly’s motel. The investigating officer found that the items stolen from Robert Veazey’s truck parked at 603 N. Beaver were stashed in the back of their truck.

Flagstaff’s only Taxi Co, owned by the late H. F. “Bud” Moorman, has been sold to W.W. “Bill” Davis of NAVA-HOPI Tours.

The Shangri-La Water Co. of Oak Creek has been awarded a Certificate of Convenience to operate as a Public Utility by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Flagstaff Downtown Christmas Light Display is about $500 short in unpaid pledges. 27 light poles are to be decorated and a 40-foot Christmas tree erected on the Court House Lawn.

625 tons of gravel are to be used to resurface the Airport runway and in the plane parking area. The heavy planes landing on our runways cause a rapid surface deterioration.

A California couple were arrested in New York City by FBI Agents and held on charges of robbing the Navajo National Bank in Winslow last Monday. They will be returned to Phoenix.

On Tuesday, Art Tevis, Sales Manager at Modern Motors, gave the keys of a Volkswagen to Paul Scott at Flagstaff High School to be used in both High School’s Driver Education Program pointing out that the use of a manual shift and a small car will give a greater versatility to student’s learning.

Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph in it’s “Bigger is Better" plan has lowered calling rates. You many now call anywhere in the United States, Station to Station all day on Saturday and Sunday and talk for 3 minutes for $1 ! Every night between 7 pm and 7 am you can direct dial any number Coast to Coast @ 75 cts for 3 minutes.


From 1992: The Arizona Snow Bowl returns. Fairfield Flagstaff has sold the Snow Bowl to a Phoenix Real Estate Company, the Arizona Snow Bowl Limited Partnership, for $4 million. Due to current weather conditions no operational changes are planned before the ski season starts. The Sky Lift will be reopened due to a request from the Forest Service. All current personnel will remain intact.

The old card catalog is being shuffled out as our library goes high tech. The generations-old card catalog system is being moved aside to make room for the computer age. The new system has been being gradually introduced and new software will continue to go forward with providing additional access to new materials and easier access to the old.

The City Council is considering an offer to sell from the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad for the Historic Amtrak Depot building and its surrounding land for the sum of $480,000, a sum consistent with its official appraisal. The estimate for repairs and renovation to turn it into Visitors Center is $275,000, which includes paving the parking area.

The city will soon be contacting the owners of 125 parcels of land in Historic Downtown Flagstaff and seek to get them excited about improvements as well as paying for said improvements. The proposed boundaries are Humphreys, Elden, Cherry and Rt. 66.

Living Christmas trees now in stock. Select yours now. We will take care of it for you until it is time to bring it indoors. Anderson’s, 24 S. Beaver. Mon.-Sat. 8:30 to 5.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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