Art Barn Demolition

A demolition crew has begun to dismantle the Art Barn located next to the Coconino Center for the Arts behind Sechrist Elementary School. Unlike recent demolitions of the Wall Aquatic Center at Northern Arizona University and the buildings at the site of the future Marriot hotel downtown the Art Barn is being demolished in stages with the aim or reusing many of the building materials.

Jake Bacon/Arizona Daily Sun


From 1892: One of the things that does great credit to Flagstaff is our well equipped, just plain simply inviting library with its numerous volumes of literature, scientific information and fiction. Our librarian is ever courteous and accommodating. It is always a pleasure to spend an evening in its hospitable confines. Visitors go away with a really favorable impression of Flagstaff culture.

Agents Wanted: Central Cycle Manufacturing Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Makers of the BEN – HUR Bicycle. Pneumataic tires $100. Cushion Tires $75.

There is a great gain in voter registration at Canyon Diablo district showing the rapidly growing population there.

W. H. Anderson will harvest about 150 tons of potatoes from his ranch this fall. They are real beauties and he is currently shipping them to Ash Fork.

Miss Anne D. Ross of Flagstaff has been engaged to teach at Signal for the present term.

Sheriff Francis safely returned on Friday from Yuma where he had gone to escort Hilario Sanchez to serve his sentence of 8 years for murder and James Grace his 2 years for forgery.

Hoxworth & Co. announce that they are prepared to set up stoves and ranges for persons desiring such and it would be well for those wishing to retain their standing in the church to give them the job.

During the past week we have been favored by what poets call “The Beautiful” but after listening to the expressions of our citizens our reporter has expressed grave doubts as to whether there are a lot of poets in these parts.


From 1917: Last spring the County Superintendent offered 3 prizes for the best potatoes grown in Coconino County to encourage the production of potatoes. 1st prize $10, 2nd prize $50, 3rd Prize $30. The prize winners are. Mr. Kester 1st, John J. McKillip 2nd, and H. R. Heckethorn 3rd.

The Flagstaff Home Guards wish to thank the many friends who attended “The Slacker” production on Tuesday evening. They netted nearly $150, which will be used to defray incidental expenses incurred through drilling and target practice. The new guns wil be issued to members at drill next Monday evening. It is expected that the first drill will be on Sunday November 4 and that it will include trench digging and other military actions brought forward by the current war.

Flag spuds 5 pnds 25 cts, Tomatoes 3 pnds. 25 cts., Phoenix Lettuce 5 cts each, Ranch Eggs 65 cts. doz., Maricopa Butter 55 cts, pnd. The Delicatessen Shop. Ph 287. Auto Delivery. A. G. Bader.

BARMA: The non-intoxicating cereal beverage that adds joy to your way of living. Available in all places where Wholesome Drinks are sold. Order a case today. F. E. Brooks, Distributor in Flagstaff.

With the coming of cool weather we have started to make ice cream caramels. Our stock is complete with Walnut & Almond, Peanut and Coconut Brittles and assorted Taffy and Mints. We also have light lunches and and picnic lunches for parties. Confection Bakery.

Liberty Bonds now Available at 3.5% We can get them for you . We advise that you wait for the 4% Conversion Bond for which you can exchange for the 3.5%. We will advise when they are issued. Arizona Central Bank.

Mr. E. M. Clifton is in charge of the road work being done in the Clifton area by convict labor.


From 1942: Registration for gasoline coupons will begin on November 9, 1942. Coupons for 5 tires will be allowed.

Mrs. Hogan who was so critically wounded last week has been released frm the hospital. Fortunately she has two parents in Sunnyside who are now caring for her and who report she is recovering well.

Miss Helen Metz, Deputy County Recorder, will leave Saturday for New Orleans where she will be employed by the Port of New Orleans. She will make her home with her brother who lives there and is connected with the Government Hospital in that location.

Miss Gertrude, Flagstaff Librarian, has ordered a large number of books about war for wartime reading.

Sears has the new Flamex Glass Cookware. In spite of the metal shortage you can keep on cooking. This glass cookware cleans in a jiffy. You’ll never go back to those old greasy flatbottom pans. Introductory value. A complete set for only $10.95. Sears, 105 N. Leroux Street. Phone 97.

Mrs. Juana Lomeli who was crossing the street at the corner of Santa Fe and San Francisco near Black’s Bar on Monday evening was stuck by motorcyclist William Hobson. She fell and struck her head on the pavement. She was taken to Flagstaff Hospital by Deputy Charles Halliday where she is recovering.

18- and 19-year-olds who enlist may chose among 13 branches of the Army according to Sgt. Thomas Fleming, who is in charge of the Flagstaff Army Recruitment office.

VOTE for one. This is a Non-partisan vote on the: Highest Quality. Finest Flavor. Unexcelled Aroma. Select one in each category. Contestants: Old Crow. Old Taylor. Old Forester. Old Overholt. Frank’s Place, 8 N. San Francisco. Phone 28.


From 1967: On Friday Joseph Abra Watkins aged 12 at the University Elementary School award ceremony received a Trophy for his entry in the Fisher Body Craftsmans Guild Model Car Competition. He was awarded $150 in addition to his trophy and one for the University Elementary School School as well. He is now attending the 7th grade at Marshall School.

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Junior Hutchinson remains in the Flagstaff Hospital in pretty good condition following his shooting in Gray’s Bar last Friday evening. He was struck in the temple by a bullet fired from a small-caliber pistol. The bullet lodged in the bone and was not self-inflicted. Charges await investigation. Sgt.Castro.

Charles Potter weighed in a buck at 185 pounds with an antler spread of 19.5 inches in the second Jaycees and Ruff’s Sporting goods Big Buck Contest. He took his big buck in Hart’s Prairie.

Three Greyhound Drivers from our area received 101 and 20-year Safe Driving Safety Awards this week. Clarence V. Hallary, Harold W. Kirkman and John C. Hodges.

E-Z Mills, a New York city enterprise, employs approximately 100 skilled workers in Flagstaff including cutters, seamstresses and packers. They manufacture Boy’s Knitted underwear all the way from the bulk cloth beginning to the packaged garments ready to sell. Items being made pour through the factory in a steady stream.

You will find Duck Decoys @ 49 cts., a two place gun rack @ $1.63. a coated lens sporting scope @$13.99, Remington Sho guns – plain barrel model @ $100. All these and much else on sale Wednesday through Saturday at Gibson’s Discount Center, 2610 N. Steves Blvd. We are closed on Sunday.


From 1992: America West Express is coming November 1 with 6 trips each way Flagstaff to Phoenix - Phoenix to Flagstaff. Only $59.00 each way.

Bookmans is getting some competition as Hastings, a 125-member chain, opens a music, video and bookstore in the old Long’s Drug Store location at 1541 S. Riordan Ranch Road. The 16,000-square-foot store has been vacant for the past year. Hastings also stocks a large selection of other items and everything in the store is immediately priced at 10% off list. They will be hiring about 40 employees.

A log found to be smoking on Saturday behind Coconino High School was extinguished by the Flagstaff Fire Dept. The incident was blamed on students sneaking a smoke.

It’s still hurry up and wait on Butler as the city continues its reconstruction work. Completion is expected to be coming soon.

Bob Beeman Drilling Co. – Water Wells to 3000 feet. Air, Rotary & Hammer Drilling.523 N. Beaver, Flagstaff, 86001.

SKI HARVEST SALE: Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Ski package regularly $469 only $299 Reconditioned skis $20. Check our many weekend bargains. Mountain Sports, 1800 S. Milton.

Because Halloween falls on Saturady this year, the Flagstaff police are concerned that there will be more opportunity for serious malicious mischief with more kids about all day with time to think of trouble and then create it.

A tornado was reported on Sunday at Sunset Crater National Monument where it ripped up trees. There were other twisters at Schultz Pass, Fernwood, Grand Falls, Leupp, and Cameron about 2:30 pm. Hail pounded I-17 as well. Rain this month 3.34” Byron Peterson, National Weather Service

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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