Beaver Street Brewery's Hefeweizen. Photo by Andrew Wisniewski

The rope is cinched tightly around your neck and eternity looms near. The hangman’s gloved hand pulls a weathered lever, the floor drops, and the final anguished twitches of your lifeless body have finally ceased. Like many before you, you’re dead in the Wild West. Luckily, a local medicine man resurrects you to do his unholy bidding. But, after a long, hard day of relentless bloodshed in the oppressive desert heat, the only real question is what style of beer to cool off with? These are the agonizing problems the assorted ghouls here at Masters of Brewtality deal with on the monthly.

While we firmly believe that any beer is the right beer at any time, some are inevitably better suited than others.  The heat, the sand, the never-ending  lust for vengeance … A porter or stout it calls not for. Instead, hang up your spurs and give a nice crisp Hefeweizen a try, like Beaver Street Brewery’s harvest variety. We had Brewmaster Steve Hendricks down to the crypt this month to take us through the ins and outs of this sacrilegiously delicious beer right before he headed down to Munds Park for the annual Jim Powers Invitational Disc Golf Tournament and Keg Haul. He was kind enough to squeeze us in beforehand, as his impending hangover would naturally decimate his ability to give interviews. Our kind of people.  

The breakdown

ABV: 5.8%


Hops: Tettanger

Malts: Munich, wheat, 2 Row

Yeast: Bovarian Hefeweizen

Serving Temp: 48 degrees

From the brewer

Mike Williams: How would you describe this delightful brew? Our zombie cowboy loves it, but his lips are unfortunately sewn shut. 

Steve Hendricks: Right off the bat, you get the banana and clove in the nose, which is classic Hefe. The color is more on the copper-orangish side. Your first sip, you get a nice little malt forward and some of the bittering hop. That bittering off the top there is also contributed to by the orange rind, zest, and pulp that I’m using. It’s a little bit more malt-forward than a standard Hefe; there’s more caramel happening, and it finishes out nicely with a little bit of that orange zest. 

Definitely a sunny day kind of beer.

Perfect for morning. And noon. And, for some people, in the evening. (Laughs.)

A man after our black heart …

It’d be a good breakfast beer in my opinion. 

Beaver Street has some of the best food in the downtown area, as well. What would you suggest pairing with this? 

Probably the wood-fired brie appetizer from the dinner menu. The fruit and everything with it would go real well. It might even go with the Portobello mushroom sandwich. 

This place has one of the better happy hours in town, too, right?

Oh yeah. $3.95 22-ounce drafts, $3 well drinks, $4 Long Islands, Bloody Marys and margaritas, and $5 grapefruit shandys. We’ve got a new mojito sangria right now, too. We’ve got pinball, board games, and pool in Brews and Cues. There’s at least a couple games going all the time.

A fine way to lose an afternoon while pummeling your liver! Beaver Street is now up on TapHunter as well. How’s that wonderful little app work here?

Every beer we’ve got on tap is on our TapHunter website and in their database. So, if you wanted to find what beers are on here, you can find out. It’ll let you know when new beers come on and it’ll also let you know when one of our beers goes on tap elsewhere. So, say you wanted to drink the Hefe while playing ping pong, you could look up where in town that could happen.

Ah, boozing in the future! Thanks so much, Steve. Good luck on the disc golf!

Also, starting this week, Beaver Street will begin a rotating India Pale Ale tap. They’ll be switching out their iconic Flagstaff IPA, one of the first brewed in town, for a 6.1% Single Hop IPA with a flavor-packed 90 IBU’s of sweet, sweet goodness. This is truly an irresistible opportunity to explore the many nuances of a shockingly varied style of beer made by some of the most talented and skilled brewers in town. Make sure to pop in and check it out!

Masters of Brewtality is a monthly feature that brings a Flagstaff-based craft brewery and one of their top beers to the table. Each month we’ll pick a new beer, sit down with the brewers, and pick their brain with a set of questions—both serious and funny—so we can learn more about some of our favorite local beers and the folks who brew it all up. Next on tap: Canyon Diablo Distillery.


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