The assorted creeps, geeks and freaks at Masters of Brewtality have never found a place they’ve been more proud to call home here in humble Flagstaff. The people, the surrounding nature, the thriving craft beer scene and the abundance of cemeteries…  Everything. And no place in town characterizes its true spirit than Flagstaff Brewing Company. The staff takes no crap while still being friendly. The food is spot on, and the décor is pure FLG. The stickers on the wall reflect the ever present sticker-covered water bottles everyone seems to have. There are suspended boats and skis on the walls, and Jerry Garcia pictures haunt you like a stoned poltergeist. Eclectic live music? Naturally! This month, we caught up with brewer Stuart Howe to chat about their crisp new Liddle Bigly ‘Merican Pale Ale, the Orange in Chief, and the best patio to lose an entire day on. 

The basics: 

ABV: 6%

IBU’s: 38

Malts: Two Row, Caramel, Pale Ale, Carapils

Hops: Adjusted Three Pin Pale Ale (English Style), Chinook, Casacade

Water: Flagstaff local, all the way!

Mike Williams: First off, this is lighter than the hair density on The Donald’s head.

Stuart Howe: And more invigorating than covfefe!

Where’d the idea come from for the name?

Our Tweeter-In-Chief was doing his usual morning tweets, as he does, and was pissed off at one of his underlings in Congress. It didn’t make sense, as many of his tweets don’t, but he said something about a ‘little bigly’ Congressman. That inspired us to try to make a beer.

A lot of those do immediately drive you to drink, it’s that base defense mechanism for mentally surviving these grim times. Obviously being from such bourgeoisie stock, our president isn’t much for the working person’s beverage that is our beloved beer, but if you had to guess, what would President Trump’s preferred style be? 

I’d bet he drinks Bud Light Lime. HA! Just the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst.

A beer for people who don’t like beer! Akin to Jack Daniels Honey… When you want to be edgy and let folks know you’re a whiskey drinker, but don’t actually like the taste of whiskey. 


Could you describe this delicious beer for us? 

Of course! This beer is nice and drinkable. Crisp, with more of a floral aroma than our English style ales but a perfect all around pale ale for all palates.

Flag Brew also has some pretty amazing bar foods available. What would you recommend pairing this delightful sip of suds with?

I’d definitely pair this with one of our salads, maybe our grilled pear salad with some balsamic. That fruitiness would work really well with the acidity and sweetness of that one.

I could see this going well with a fat Flag Brew hamburger, too. 

Definitely. We were shooting for a good all-around beer that would fit with everything.

In addition to some great décor inside, Flag Brew has one of the best patios in town. Would you recommend Liddle Bigly as inside or outside beer? 

Patio, naturally! If we’ve got a sunny day, like we’ve had a bunch of these last few months, that’s the place. It seems likes fall just passed us by and it’s still summer. It’s perfect for under the sun and having a pitcher with friends.

Fall did seem less like fall and more like summer part two! Now, back to Donnie… I know it’s been a day-by-day outrage factory since the election, but could you pin down one thing that pissed you off more than anything lately? 

Easy! I’m shocked, even though I shouldn’t be, that he’s complacently endorsed Roy Moore. He doesn’t have anything bad to say about the guy who’s touching little kids. Ha! He’s still supporting him! Then again, that’s not to say the Democrats don’t have their own problems with such things lately.

Final question…  You’ve got a buddy down in Tijuana. They’ve built the wall and you need to get a growler of this down to them and, naturally, grab some delicious tacos, fireworks, and Cuban cigars. How are you bypassing this archaic method of defense? 

Trebuchet, just like we used to do in physics class. Those were fun and I’m sure we could build one big enough to toss ourselves over. If the drug runners can do it, why can’t we?


Masters of Brewtality is a monthly column that generally doesn’t discuss politics because we live in a moldy crypt on the outskirts of town. Tune in next month for Dark Sky Brewing’s Unholy Mole! 


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