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Ben Shanahan, Arizona Daily Sun 

Flagstaff's second March for Science attracted hundreds Saturday, shown here marching from Thorpe Park to City Hall, where the crowd heard speakers call for more federal support for key science initiatives.

Prescribed burns planned for A1 Mountain, Kendrick Mountain area

Fire managers on the Coconino National Forest have planned several prescribed burns next week. The burns are as follows. All could be cancelled or postponed if conditions change.

A1 Mountain Project

When: Planned ignition will be Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17 and 18. Ignitions typically begin around 8 a.m.

Where: Immediately east of Bellemont, a half mile north of Interstate 40 and a half mile east of Pilot Travel Center. 

Size: 490 acres.

Closures/Restrictions: None expected.

Smoke Impacts: Smoke is predicted to move toward the east/northeast and may be seen by motorists on I 40 and by residents of Bellemont. Smoke may settle in the local area, local canyons and will drain to lower elevations in the I-40 corridor during the cooler evening hours and Wednesday morning. It is predicted to disperse by the following afternoon.

Kendrick Burn Project

When: Planned ground ignitions will be Wednesday April 18.

Where: Twenty miles northwest of Flagstaff, 4 miles north of Kendrick Mountain. 

Size: 503 acres.

Closures/Restrictions: None expected.

Smoke Impacts: Smoke may be seen by motorists on U.S. Highway 180 north of Flagstaff during the day. Cooling temperatures in the evenings may cause smoke to settle and drain down nearby canyons and low lying areas. Smoke will likely appear thicker the morning after the burn as it settles overnight and should dissipate by early the next afternoon.

Upper Beaver Creek Project (Buck Mountain area)

When: Planned ground ignitions are Tuesday through Thursday April 16 to 18, with ground and aerial ignitions. Ignitions will begin around 9 a.m. and the duration of this project will be approximately three days.

Where: Approximately 22 miles east of Montezuma’s Castle National Monument and near Buck Mountain Lookout. This prescribed burn will be conducted across Buck Mountain, Buck Butte and further west outside of Wet Beaver Wilderness.

Size: 5,500 acres in total, broken into manageable blocks each day.

Closures/Restrictions: None.

Smoke Impacts: Smoke is predicted to move toward the east/northeast and may impact Mormon Lake communities to the north and the Discovery Channel Telescope to the east. Smoke may be seen from Lake Mary Road and I 17. Cooling temperatures in the evenings may cause smoke to settle and drain down nearby canyons, Beaver Creek, West Clear Creek, the Verde Valley and possibly impact the Village of Oak Creek.

Flagstaff History: Debbie Wyffles filled 4,000 plastic eggs for Easter egg hunt

100 Years Ago

From 1918 - Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tillman moved yesterday to their ranch near Kendrick Mountain, where he will diversify his work of laying brick and stone to that of making Mother Earth produce spuds, grain and other useful commodities.

East Railroad Avenue is the booming section of the city. Alf Dickinson is moving the front of his Pine Lodging house out to the street line, The construction is of white brick, which greatly improves the front of the building and will create a larger lobby and make more room generally as well.

The concert announced to be given by the Band Boys for the 16th at the Orpheum has been indefinitely postponed due to other booked local attractions.

Will pay cash for good workhorse at a reasonable price. Apply 115 Cherry Avenue.

Harry Stowe, who has been spending the winter in Phoenix, returned Sunday, having chartered a car to ship up his teams and wagons. He and his family moved to their ranch north of town on Monday.

Saginaw Camp 13, north of Bellemont, will soon be a thing of the past. Within the next two weeks the camp will be moved northwest of the present site and near to the H. C. Hibben Ranch at Kendrick Mountain. The number has been changed to 15.

Chief Jack Wilson of the Flagstaff Fire Department is greatly pleased at the action of the members of the town council when, at their meeting Monday night, they decided to purchase a fire whistle – a double–headed federal siren whistle – one that will wake up all the people as well as the firemen. Also three new rubber coats and three pairs of rubber boots were ordered for the fire boys.

Our local fire department is all volunteer and the boys are willing to turn out at any and all times, knowing that there is nothing in it but gratis work and spoiled wearing apparel. It should have more and better equipment.

For rent or sale: Modern 4 room house. Close in - Also Metz Roadster-, would make a dandy light truck. Cheap. E. M. Brown.

For Sale: White Star seed potatoes. 75 cents per hundred. Apply Gus Sauer.

“WOW”, but that is a fine cigar you are smoking. Where are they made? In Flagstaff, of course, by L. P. Miller.

L. A. Cross is turning his old residence on West Birch into a bungalow. He and his wife intend occupying the same as soon as the work is completed.

Herman Kahl of the Khal Drug Co. has been off duty this week taking care of an aggravated case of la grippe.

75 years ago

1943 – A fire fighting camp is being organized at the base of the Mount Elden Trail. The crew of 65 volunteers is to be given a 12-hour training course in forest firefighting techniques by the Forest Service.

Wanted: Ammunition, Used guns, Fishing Tackle. Western Auto Supply.

Our Librarian Miss Gertrude Hill has a small article published in the Wilson Library Bulletin on “War Times in 1942.”

Notice to Farmers: J. I. Case Farm Machinery Company has for a limited time 8, 10 and 12 foot grain drills. Gordon Welding Shop. Phone 785.

Use your Red Stamps for meat before Red Stamp D becomes valid on April 30. Blue Stamps D, E & F for processed foods are good until the end of the month.

Servicemen on furlough are entitled to ration points for processed foods, meat, sugar and coffee, but no provision is made for gasoline.

Lost: A bob of fishing tackle and other equipment near Lake Mary on Sunday. Return to 217 South Beaver and receive reward.

There is a shortage of bottles and caps. Please return all empty bottle and caps to your dealer. Acme Beer. The beer with the High IQ. Harry Moore.

Babbitt’s Thriftway. Birdseye Frozen Vegetables, Peas, 10 oz. 25 cts. & 4 points. Green Beans 10 oz. 28 cts. & 4 points. Spinach 14 oz. 28 cts. & 4 points.

Emergency Service under War Production Board. Many parts that are no longer available can be built in our shop by Manuel Jackson. Copeland Distributor for Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies. Hubbard Service 814 West Santa Fe Avenue, Phone 354.

A Modern 54-bed hospital is to be constructed at the Navajo Ordnance Depot to care for all personnel and their families.

It has been announced by the United States Social Security Board that all cooks, waitresses and other personnel at boarding houses are subject to the Social Security tax. 1% shall be deducted from their paychecks and an additional 1% shall be added by their employer and sent to the collector of Internal Revenue.

Brighten up your day event. Free Flower Seeds with any purchase. This week only at Switzer Hardware. Phone 94.

Bank by Mail. Save time, save gasoline, save tires. Let your bank come to you. Call The Arizona Bank for details.

Re-roof now. No restrictions on roofing if needed to preserve your property. Babbitt Bros. Lumber Dept.

50 Years Ago

1968 – The Regents have authorized the contract for a new high-rise dorm at NAU and authority for President Walkup to begin to sell bonds to finance it.

Nails and shards of glass that had been a Mason jar with a screwed-down lid were found in the debris of the crude bomb that ignited the Rosco Fire last week. No suspects have been named.

An “Unfavorable Tax Structure” has canceled the proposed and previously agreed to merger of The Southwest Forest Industries and the Conroy Company of Texas.

Great $14 tire sale. General Jet or Whitewall – 4-ply Nylon Cord. NO Money Down ! General Tire Service, 2400 Second Avenue. Sandy Sweeter, Manager.

Jim Sweeney, ranger at the Mormon Lake Ranger District, announced the designation of the free firewood cutting area. The area is well posted with its limits and maps are available at the Knob Hill Station in Flagstaff. Dead wood for personal use is available without permit. He also said that at the present time all the roads in the area are virtually impassable due to the remaining snow, downfalls and mud.

April showers blanketed Flagstaff with 5 inches of white in a surprise snowstorm on Thursday.

About 50 Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Flagstaff employees honored the two pickets who, despite the falling snow, were standing in front of their building in the strike of Workers against the Western Electric Company, a subsidiary of MST&T.

25 years ago

1993 - Saturday’s Easter Egg Hunt at Thorpe Park was a great success. It took Debbie Wyffles a week and a half to fill the 4,000 plastic eggs with the candies generously donated by local merchants. It took the children only a few minutes to find every one of them, including the Grand Prize Egg with a slip a paper for a stuffed Easter bunny found by 3-year-old Ross Mahon. Most of the empty plastic eggs were placed in the recycle bin ready to be filled next year.

Firewood cutting season opened in the Coconino National Forest this past weekend. With the new regulations in place, cutting is mostly limited to pinyon pines, which has made many cutters very unhappy. Only about 9 percent of the cutters are commercial firewood cutters – many private people still rely on being able to cut forest fuel to warm their homes. The firewood cutting opening in the Kaibab has been delayed due to the condition of the forest roads.

Citizen Advisory: Beginning on May 3, Summer City Office hours will be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. To accommodate the summer schedule, the Trash Service requests that all bins be placed curbside by 6 a.m. on your assigned pick days. We will return to winter hours on September 3.

99 Cts at Basha’s this week: 4 Avocados, Ice Cream, 3 tins tomatoes or a box of Kellogg’s Rice Crispies. 7.25 oz. Box Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner, or 3, 8 oz. cans Contadina tomato Sauce or a 16 oz. tin Bush’s Baked Beans with Bacon. FREE with filled Booster Card

The Snow Bowl will end its season on April 18. Currently there is still 120 inches of snow on the ground. End of the season special events are planned to bring skiers to the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders will take to the slopes in swimsuits for the Swimsuit Slalom. There will be several other events with cash prizes in most. An all-day lift ticket will be $24 for the rest of the season.

The number of homeless people in Flagstaff is growing and the need exceeds current resources, which include beds for men at the Salvation Army Rescue Mission and six beds for women and children operated by Catholic Social Services. Coconino County has also provided some assistance with motel vouchers.

Then there are some who choose to camp here and there around town in the forests and vacant land. The situation was discussed at a meeting of about 25 people on Wednesday evening hosted at NAU.

The old boarded-up Freight House on the south side of Route 66 in downtown Flagstaff may get a new lease on life. City spokesperson Rebecca Blaha confirmed that the City has been in discussion with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad and the Main Street Foundation about the building. It is one of a handful of buildings that were built of large sandstone brick by the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in the 1880s and was purchased along with the railroad in 1902.