Business is booming at Tortilla Lady and Rising Hy. Tortilla Lady has a new production line putting out more tortillas than ever and has added four new tortilla flavors, while Rising Hy has added two new sauces.

The two companies are owned by Mike Koenfal and Dawn Stoyer and are located in the same storefront on Fourth Street.

Konefal said the main reason for expanding production at Tortilla Lady was because the company picked up a contract to provide all of the tortillas and hot sauces for Northern Arizona University. In order to meet the university’s demand on top of the company’s existing activity, they had to expand its production center, he said. Tortilla Lady also provides tortillas for seven local grocery stores and several local restaurants.

The company purchased a refurbished tortilla-making line and installed it in a nearby building. The machine has effectively quadrupled the amount of tortillas the company can make, Konefal said.

The company still has the original oven that has made tortillas for years before Koenfal and Stoyer bought the business in 2011. That oven now produces Tortilla Lady’s new flavored tortilla line. The four new 12-inch tortilla flavors are spinach herb, garlic herb, chipotle and tomato basil. They still offer white corn, whole wheat, flour, corn/flour and blue corn tortillas in various sizes.

The tortillas are still handmade from fresh ingredients. But the new production line allows the company to produce more and better tortillas, Koenfal said. The new machine allows the tortillas to cool longer, which makes the tortillas hold up better.

At the same time as they were expanding Tortilla Lady, Konefal and Stoyer decided to add a couple of new sauces to Rising Hy’s product line, Chipotle Squorpion and a roasted garlic and red chili sauce. Rising Hy is one of Konefal and Stoyer’s other businesses.

Konefal started Rising Hy out of his NAU dorm room in 2005, after a friend got him a hot sauce kit as a joke for Christmas. All of Rising Hy’s sauces are made with peppers and tomatillos they roast themselves and local honey. The sauces don’t include vinegar, an ingredient in many other hot sauces. Konefal said the vinegar messes with the taste of the habanero and jalapeno peppers. The company still has its seven original sauces and its Devil Dust habanero salt. All of Tortilla Lady’s tortillas and Rising Hy’s sauces are available at the Fourth Street storefront and can be ordered online at or

They’re also offering hot tamale lunches to-go from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. from the shop. The lunches include a tamale, rice, beans and a drink for $7 or a two tamale lunch for $10. Tamale flavors include red or green pork, green chicken, green chili, cheese, vegan and vegetarian. The rice and beans are also vegetarian.

The shop is also offering, year-round, refrigerated premade tamales to take home for dinner at $25 a dozen. For those who like to make their own tamales, Rising Hy and Tortilla Lady offer prepared or unprepared masa by the pound, ojas, red chilis and other fixings.

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