With 25 years in the nonprofit world, Rose Vasquez provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for both her SCORE mentees and her clients. Strategic Writing and Consulting, LLC is Rose’s for profit business, but she provides guidance and mentoring through SCORE for free.

Passionate, enthusiastic and bursting with energy, Rose Vasquez uses her expertise to navigate the complicated procedures of getting nonprofits off the starting line, through approval of the IRS for their 501 C 3 and on to becoming self-sustaining.

“I’ve built several nonprofits from the ground up and grant writing is a real passion for me,” she said while speaking of her zeal for those who want to give back to their communities and their fellow man.

In addition to working with nonprofits she also works with for-profit ventures and helps them apply for appropriate grants and funding to get their businesses started.

Rose has worked in every possible sector in the nonprofit community from boots-on-the-ground staff to program administrator to executive director. “I’ve never had a bad job,” she said. In addition to working with, in and for nonprofits, she spent eight years with the Monterey County, CA Public Health Bureau.

She explained that her success with grant writing comes not only from her accurately gathered data and facts, but from her ability to tell the story of the nonprofit seeking grant monies with compassion and from the human interest side of the equation. In fact, Rose has worked as a grant reviewer for the U. S. Federal Government.

She clarified that reviewers are looking for the story that will grab their heart. They want to hear that antidotal story on how this will improve lives and how they are going to move that dial down the road. This experience has only enhanced her skills and it is this vast combination of knowledge that greatly benefits her clients.

She explained that in order for her to work successfully with her clients their honesty and sincerity must resonate with her before she will take them on. She said that often people want to start a non-profit in order to make a profit. They don’t completely comprehend that once they become a non-profit they are then a public entity.

This process requires a board of directors that can drive the mission and vision of the charity. A nonprofit must have bylaws, adhere to the stipulations of any grants they have been awarded and must be accountable for all disbursements of funds. She believes that each non-profit must be unique and never be a cookie-cutter replica of a similar charity and have a clear vision of who will they be serving.

In addition to her for-profit business and her SCORE mentoring, Rose partners with the United Way. Her next class, Project Management, will be held Nov. 9 from 3 to 5 p.m. for only $30. This project is through the United Way’s Nonprofit for Excellence.

Rose volunteers on several boards and committees in Yavapai County. She has many for profit and nonprofit clients for which she provides a variety of consultation and grant related services.

To contact Rose Vasquez call 928-710-9236 or go to her website; www.StrategicWritingAndConsulting.com. If you need help starting or growing your nonprofit or to get your own SCORE mentor, call 928-778-7438, email scoreoffice@scorenaz.org or go to www.northernarizona.score.org.


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