Even with all the big talk show names in his station's new lineup, Stan Pierce said he is most excited about "The Mitch and Joe Show," a one-hour, locally-produced segment hosted by radio personalities Mitch Strohman and Joe Harting.

Strohman is best known as a sports broadcaster with Northern Arizona University while Harting used to be an on-air personality with KAFF and KMGN.

Recent guests on the show include Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler, NAU political professor Fred Solop, President/CEO of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Julie Pastrick, Arizona Snowbowl General Manager J.R. Murray, local attorney Howard Shanker and former Republican Gubernatorial candidate Buz Mills.

"The Mitch and Joe Show" was the first to have Mills on air after his decision to drop out of the race for governor, said Pierce.

Strohman said his left-leaning friends are still tuning into his show, despite their disdain for the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck.

"They have expressed to me directly that despite that fact they are listening to the local show because it is something that is local, it is balanced and it is trying to deal with issues and a fair and balanced way," Strohman said. "We have our own identity that is separate from the rest of the day's programming on the radio station."

His on-air partner adds that both men are registered independents with no ties to any major political party.

"To say that either one of us is partisan would be a reach," Harting said. "Neither one of us toe party lines on any one specific thing."

With decades of experience in broadcasting in Flagstaff, Strohman believes the community has been hungry for a radio talk show that focuses directly on local issues.

"They are excited to have a local news issue talk show on the radio in northern Arizona," Strohman said. "They are excited to hear someone on the air that they can pick up."

But calling the program locally oriented doesn't mean the topics will focus only on Flagstaff issues. With the station signal reaching into the Prescott Valley, Strohman vows to focus on major issues going on in the area. Prescott Chamber of Commerce CEO Dave Maurer was one of their first guests, he said.

Planned guests next week include officials with the Northern Arizona Center for Emerging Technologies, a discussion with both sides about snowmaking at Arizona Snowbowl and Flagstaff city councilmembers to discuss the city's opposition to SB1070.

Joe Ferguson can be reached at jferguson@azdailysun.com or 556-2253.

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Is the show available as a podcast or on the internet?

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