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Is Gravity Working Against You? Dear Dr. Bass, Once a year our family, all of it, gets together. There are about 80 of us, ranging from newborn to 90 years old. I fall somewhere in the middle. This year the reunion photos from past years were mounted and it was interesting to see our changes. Some gained weight, lost weight, had different hair styles, different hair colors, no hair, had no breast, big breast, saggy breast and the real shocker was to see what happens to our skin. Our skin-all over, from eyes, faces, necks, arms, legs and I can only imagine under the clothes, seems to be pulled downwark in a not very flattering way. Plastic surgery topic came up over and over again in the over 45 crowd. We all laughed, but knew we all were interested. Can plastic surgery help with all these areas? – FamilyReunion2017 Greeting to all the Reunion Clan, thigh lifts and even private areas can be rejuvenated. While you are sleeping with the help of anesthesia, I perform all the procedures safely at an outpatient surgery center. The first stage of recovery takes about 7 – 10 days then you may start returning to normal life routines. During your follow-up visits we will discuss your progress and what activities may be resumed. Don’t let gravity bring you down. I invite any of your relatives to come and talk with me about their concerns and we will put a plan together. Let’s see who looks “Upward” at next year’s reunion. This will be fun. Call 928-226-9355 to schedule your consultation. – Dr. Bass Is There A Permanent Treatment For Unwanted Wrinkles? Dear Dr Bass, I’ll bet those photos were fun to compare, just as you all did. I’m glad the topic of plastic surgery came up because there are probably solutions for each one of changes your relatives saw. Aside from age, genetics and health, the constant downward pull from the basic gravitation pull also has an effect on us. Gravity affects our skin as we age, and it doesn’t matter where the skin is located on our bodies; eyes, cheeks, nose, neck, pecs/breast, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, even hands, skin loses its support, thins and wrinkles. There are eyelid lifts, forehead lifts, cheek/neck lifts, arm lifts, pec/breast lifts, inner/outer I am in my mid 50’s and ten years ago I started using Botox every three or four months to treat the wicked lines between my brows and for the lines around my mouth and lines around my outer eyes. I love the results I get from treatment in these areas. My angry brow lines go away and the “smoker” lines, even though I am not a smoker, around my mouth soften and my lips even get a little flip up. All good. I am wondering, however, if there is something more permanent that I can have done that works equal to or better than the Botox in these areas? – Erika S. Dear Erika, Wrinkles are a combination of muscle activity and excess skin. Botox, and now Xeomin, are neuromodulators very popular and similar in molecular structure. Their purpose is to relax muscles when units of these products are injected into specific facial muscles. Keeping the muscles relaxed prevents the creation of wrinkles to the treated areas or softens the ones already created. Sometimes, depending on the depth of the unwanted “lines”, you may still see the line even when the muscle is inactive. The neuromodulator treatments usually last anywhere from 3 – 5 months then requires, if you like, repeat treatment. The next step in achieving those type of results on a more permanent basis is to have the eye region or full face treated with The CO2 Ultraplus 5000C laser. If someone has deep lines around the mouth, or if the skin around the eyes and/or face is getting crepey then I recommend doing this laser to tighten and smooth the skin, and as a side benefit it also takes away unwanted discoloration from the skin. It is reasonably priced and the most effective laser available. The laser basically erases the lines when your face when in a neutral position. However, it does not stop the muscle activation. Just like coloring your hair is not a one- time treatment , you will want to keep the smooth results and should continue the Botox treatments. Although, you will require less units and do it less frequently. Please call for a consultation and we can show you before and after photos of my patients after their laser. The photos are very impressive. Thanks for writing Erika. – Dr. Bass Schedule your consultation locally in Flagstaff at Flagstaff Face & Body Med Spa John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic surgery 530 E. Picadilly Dr Suite 105, Flagstaff, AZ 928-226-9355 JWBASS.COM Dr. John W. Bass Or call his other location: John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic Surgery – 10930 N. Tatum Blvd, #C101, Phoenix, AZ – 602-485-1010 of Plastic Surgery & the American Board of Surgery

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